PUBLISHED: Sep 6, 2013 4 min read

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

Avinash Conda and Ruben Quinones of Amsive Digital discuss LinkedIn sponsored updates in this episode of AmsiveDigital TV. Watch this video to learn about some of the pros and cons of investing in LinkedIn sponsored posts as an advertising vehicle.


What exactly are LinkedIn sponsored updates? Well if you haven’t heard, similar to Facebook sponsored updates, company pages on LinkedIn will now have the opportunity to promote the stories they publish to specific audiences on LinkedIn.

Ruben points out that although LinkedIn may have a higher CPC compared to Facebook, their targeting options are vast. The targeting options that LinkedIn offers is powerful. Sponsored updates can be targeted by company, titles, job function and seniority levels in addition to the typical geo-targeting options available on other platforms. So although the CPC may quite high, Investing in a sponsored updates on LinkedIn may prove to be very beneficial for you company.

Avinash Conda: Hey there!  Welcome to another exciting episode of AmsiveDigital TV.  That’s what happens.  So, you are a guest now and I am the host.  Welcome to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV.  This is your host Avinash Conda and this is my previous host, co-host and a guest Reuben Quinones.

Okay, LinkedIn, sponsor; that’s the question.  What are LinkedIn sponsored posts?

Ruben Quinones: It is a fairly new advertising vehicle that LinkedIn introduced.  By the time we air this might be a month or two ago but in LinkedIn you always had the ability to go and actually target ads on the side.  It wasn’t the best though.  It was a little text link ad, a little display ad if you had a big body but now you have this opportunity from the company’s standpoint to actually further your reach for the amount of people that see you on you feed.  You had to rely before on if you put up an update, hopefully a good amount of people on your base would actually see it.  Now, you can pay for privilege, kind of like what you can do on Facebook instead that the ability to target by profession probably will be a lot stronger in LinkedIn and there has always been that subjectiveness of Facebook when it comes to advertising by profession which you can do but it’s more of a B2C platform.

Avinash Conda: So, how much does it cost?  Can a small business afford LinkedIn sponsored post?

Ruben Quinones: LinkedIn has been notoriously… the CPC or the costs per click have been on the higher end.  So, you have to pay for privilege.  I haven’t seen the latest because it is fairly new as far as the average CPC is but I would assume like Facebook the more targeted you are, the higher cost per click you would have or cost per impression.  I think I tried one before, a New York based… forget about the name of the profession but upwards of 3 dollars per click.  In Facebook it would be a dollar or something but here it’s on the higher end.  So, in LinkedIn you would have paid for that privilege but at the same time if you are really trying to get your business message out there, it is very interesting to see how it’s going to play out and I assume a lot of people are going to jump on that bandwagon because to actually message people by profession, people are starting to use LinkedIn a lot more within a business context.  Yes, something that you is to be considered.

Avinash Conda: Thanks a lot for this great and exciting…

Ruben Quinones: Yeah, short and nice, the way I like it.

Avinash Conda:  That’s the way you like.  That’s why I didn’t trouble you the way you do while I am the guest.

Ruben Quinones: Right.

Avinash Conda: Alright.  If you find this video on sponsored post, now you know how to get across.  And I think this is hopefully the last time Reuben would be a guest because he promised me that he would be a host going forward and he wants to do a better… He thinks he does a better job than me or I will find a better host.  All the best for you for that and I will really be interested in…

Ruben Quinones: Alright, that’s just over 5 minutes.  Let’s get this finished up.

Avinash Conda: Alright.  Thank you.  Thank you for watching.  I will catch you back in the next episode.  Good bye.