PUBLISHED: Jun 9, 2010 5 min read

Launch of Amsive Digital TV – Episode 1: Facebook Privacy Issues

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

What is Amsive Digital TV?  Have you looked at your Facebook privacy settings yet?  Watch!

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Here are the two links to the articles:
10 Things You Need to Know About Today’s Facebook Privacy Changes

A Guide to Facebook’s New Privacy Setting


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Ruben Quinones: Hey there! Welcome to AmsiveDigital TV episode 1. I am your host Ruben Quinones and hopefully the first of many episodes to come. I think that maybe we could make this little bit more interactive, as in regards to our blog. We have been writing for last couple of months and frankly I probably prefer this method of interacting with our audience and hope in developing a bigger audience. So,  I am going to cut  back on my writing and  I am pretty sure everyone else will  probably kick in and I am going to put up some episodes and have some guests and have some relevant information that will be valuable to you. Anything you want to chime in on and provide or even ask a question as to what we can cover when it comes to Online marketing — whether it is Search Engine Optimization, Page Search or Social Media– feel free to drop us a line or comment on this video and see what you would like to see in any of the upcoming episodes.

For the very first episode, another thing I should mention is that I am going to keep this brief, I am not going to edit this, so what you see behind me that happens or do in this cast is pretty much what is going to air, so this is almost like live. I am not looking to edit it and you know whatever happens here is probably what happens in your office or may be not everything but we’ll keep it all [unclear], let’s put it that way. I wanted to go over an issue that I meant to do my first episode which was supposed to air couple of weeks ago and had some issues and things came up, but it is still an issue.

The Facebook privacy issue: back then, I was going to refer to a New York Times article that includes these graphs which are also included on the post in the video, to a chart which shows the word count in the new Facebook privacy document that came out. It, by far, dwarfed any other social network when it came to the actual count. It actually even surpassed the word count of the United States Constitution. So, it’s a very interesting tidbit to know about.

Since then, we know that a few prominent thought leaders in the space call this as a case to cancel their account. I don’t think this is something that’s a big wave since so many people are used to Facebook – they shared so much through Facebook and invested so much that it’s most likely something that Facebook is been able to surpass. And they also put out a statement – Mark Zuckerberg has put out a statement apologizing about the new rules and trying to make it simple. I am going to link you to two articles that you should be aware of. I, probably like you, have not even looked at my settings. Although I spent a lot of time on Facebook, I am on it for clients and I am on it for research but I haven’t really spent too much time looking at what is floating out there from my own settings. So, you might be in the same boat.

There are two articles: put out an article (a blog post) called “10 Things you should know About the Facebook Privacy Laws”. Go ahead, link to it and take a look at that. And then, The New York Times has also put out a new article (which I actually printed out) and it’s a guide to the new privacy settings. This came out at the very end of May, so it’s pretty fresh even by the time you see this video. Good wealth of information, so if you haven’t had time, hopefully it can guide you in the right direction. This is what I hope to do more as this is not just about putting up a video but hopefully to give you good, relevant information that you can take back and enrich your life, your marketing and your business as well.

If there’s anything you’d like to see in the future, let me know. Drop me a line, comment on this video, or even tweet us at @pathinteractive. You can go to our Face Fan Page at Join our community and let us know what you would like to see in the future or if you have any guest recommendations since we also would like to have some guests and hopefully, this will be the first of many.  So, have a Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening — whenever you are watching this and I will see you next time.