PUBLISHED: Feb 6, 2013 5 min read

Is Google’s Knowledge Graph Killing SEO?

Google’s Knowledge Graph: How It’s Beneficial

Unlike Google rich snippets, Knowledge Graph is Google’s way of making its search engine more user-friendly. The question is, how can a business over leverage the knowledge graph for his or her website?

Ruben Quinones and Michael Stearne from Amsive Digital discuss what the Knowledge graph entails and how it can benefit both users and business owners. Michael jokes that in order to take full advantage of the Knowledge graph, you need to own Wikipedia. There is some truth to that. The knowledge Graph is pulling from sites such as Wikipedia, Freebase, and the CIA World Factbook. Although it’s impossible to submit information to the CIA-run Factbook, it is possible for brands to submit information to Wikipedia. As time goes on, we will see what kind of effect the Knowledge Graph has on Google’s Search Engine. As of now, we know it provides a user with a better experience as it serves all the information a user may need without having to click on any links. As for marketers, understanding the knowledge graph in a SEO context may take some time. In the meantime, we’ll be here to fill in the nitty, gritty details.

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Host: Ruben Quinones
Co-host: Michael Stearne

0:13 Ruben Quinones Welcome to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV, I am your host Ruben Quinones, this in Michael Stearne Welcome back. Wow.
0:18 Michael StearneIt’s been a long time.
0:20 Ruben QuinonesI vanished you because I don’t love you on the show but I decided to give you some little break.
0:24 Today’s topic is the knowledge graph and its impact on SEO. What is the knowledge graph? What you mean by that?
0:36 Michael StearneWell I believe and Avinash can back me up. The knowledge graph is short of a general term for what Google’s doing when you type in something like “Michael Van Buren”. And you will see a little information packet about that person right in the search results.
0:55 So lot of time that information will come from a few sources. Mainly in Wikipedia, with the information about the person and them you will see underneath it like people related to that person.
1:14 So Ruben is a big fan of Portugal Empire. So when you look up something like “Lucky Luciano” you will see all the other people related to that person.
1:38 Ruben QuinonesIs it like Google pulling it from the web or? I guess the sites are putting enough good content to speak to Google in order to grasp that.
1:47 Michael StearneRight, that’s traditionally SEO’s role. You know, sites create good content and Google serves up that content in the form of a link to that site.
2:00 But now what’s happening is really that Google is eliminating that link to site. So if you type in “weather Friday in New York” you are gonna see a little Friday forecast with pictures and temperature and weather.
2:14 So you never need to actually click into or else.
2:19 Ruben QuinonesNow this is different I guess from rich prefix, which we talked about before, for where you are intentionally putting up a code to come up for a certain features. This is really more Google crawling the web and looking for smart content I guess to speed things up.
2:32 Michael StearneRight, so it’s kind of like Google wants’ to you to get the information as fast as possible. That’s their main goal in fact to get accurate information as fast as possible.
2:43 So if it involves just displaying it and not even needing to click trough into another site than that’s it.
2:50 Ruben QuinonesI get it. But again it speaks to; me as a business owner how do I come up in search results like that? Good content?
2:58 Michael StearneYou as business owner should own the Wikipedia.
3:05 Ruben QuinonesNo on that note.
3:07 Michael StearneNo if it really is, it’s like….
3:08 Ruben QuinonesThe more specific, the more relevant you are about a particular topic; it’s not one or two pages or depending on the keyword I guess, but to match the word or to come up on the search like that you really need to be doing a good job with your content.
3:25 Michael StearneIf it’s even possible. So I guess what’s really happening is Google is using their own data or; say for a stock flow. Traditionally Google have been like here are four sites that gives stock flow for this. But right now if you do a quote for exile mobile or something it will just show you what the quote is and have a small link to say Google Finance, Yahoo finance.
3:50 Ruben QuinonesGoogle is determining who is in authority on the particular topic.
3:57 Michael StearneAnd they are doing it correctly because they are getting you the right information but it’s really a sacramental to SEO as it…..
4:05 Ruben QuinonesIt we went over our 2 minute mike, way too over. Thank you again once again Michael Stearne for making this long episode.
4:13 Michael StearneI am Sorry.
4:14 Ruben QuinonesHope you stayed till the end. Until the next times have a good morning, good afternoon, good evening whenever you are watching this wherever you are watching this, see you next time.