PUBLISHED: Jun 18, 2010 5 min read

Intro to Foursquare

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

Amsive Digital TV Episode 3

My guest Michael Stearne and I, go over what foursquare is and why are people on it.  Tune in!


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Ruben Quinones: Hey there! It’s Ruben Quinones here with another episode of AmsiveDigital TV and I have my first guest Michael Stearne it wasn’t too hard to get him because he actually sits right next to me. Wanted to talk little bit about Foursquare one on one. Why that is people are on it and very much knowledgeable about it but those are on it. What is it, why beyond it and see how the conversation goes and the way they started is in this office was Mike over here was actually a mayor let me explain that a little bit. If you are a mayor that means that you virtually check in an application I am not going to take out cash let me explain over this it’s an application that.

Michael Stearne: Do you really shooting?

Ruben Quinones: We are really shooting there is no editing. Actually there is no editing.

Michael Stearne: No are you serious is the Air-conditioner on?

Ruben Quinones: We have lights on, this is the real we do.  What happens here I said it before what happens here will go on air? If you want you can go and check. Ok. So it came as an application on your on I-phone.

Michael Stearne: Right now you are saying another thing.           

 Ruben Quinones: No, I am saying we really want another take but I rather not.

Michael Stearne: Oh that’s good.

 Ruben Quinones: I rather not oh no take we will do it after this. So

Michael Stearne: Yes Four Square

Ruben Quinones: So this is still the first thing. You can go ahead.

Michael Stearne: Four Square launched on the I-Phone by the one of the phone makers of Daj Bow.

Ruben Quinones: Daj Bow was location based service in 2003 right.

Michael Stearne: Yeah.

Ruben Quinones: And check this out what happened Gogol buys couple of years later at 2005 and they decided to kill the project and then four square same firm the co-firm of Denis trolley actually started Foursquare two years ago it was a location based service where you go and check in virtually your IPhone or your Black Berry. I guess you were supposed to talk about that right! Please go ahead.

Michael Stearne: His the basic idea behind it is when he would get to or he says that when he or his friends will get to a bar or restaurant they are going to texting everyone saying hello I am here and here, where are you? You can just send out a message to all of your friends saying I am here.

Ruben Quinones: It almost sounds like twitter and lot of people or even on twitter because it was so periodic. Why like your friends would know where you are? What are some other benefits if there are anything?

Michael Stearne: Well there are the benefits is it becomes like a game atmosphere where they have the verbal words and with so how you spend without it,  there is no real incentives or benefits except for maybe some rivalry.

Ruben Quinones: Which happens a lot in this office? Right.

Michael Stearne:  So when Ruben was getting into I started checking in a 3 to 4 years before Ruben didn’t because he didn’t heard about foursquare.

Ruben Quinones: It didn’t even start 3 to 4 years ago, how would you say that? The reality is that it was available on I-Phone first. I knew about that he was checking in then in January came out of it and I started checking it and he is jealous because I became mayor. Although the real mayor is you know the last couple of episodes is the sky back here which we think is a total fraud and I am not sure how that happened but there is an instant of action because you look at Starbucks who signed a deal with Four square. They are actually giving a dollar off if you are mailed, if you are clicked in the mouse there or if you comment there you actually get a dollar off or a frabichino. So the idea I think is they have under roadies is to provide insights for people to check in.

Michael Stearne: And that’s a long term business possibly but you know the recent ——-it is not the sales more in the business brown but you really do becomes the competition between the same people.

Ruben Quinones: Stop right there because this is the end of part 1. Part 2 we will talk about that, so thank you for tuning in have a Good morning, Good afternoon keep this short people got a go back to their work.  Good Morning, Good afternoon, Good evening and I will see you next time for Part 2 of Foursquare.