PUBLISHED: Jun 26, 2013 5 min read

Instagram Video vs. Vine

instagram video vs. vineAvinash Conda and Jarobin Guerra Gilbert of Amsive Digital, a SEO Agency in NYC, discuss Instagram’s new video feature. The question is will Instagram video kill Twitter’s Vine?

Jarobin, SEO and Social Specialist, doesn’t seem to think so. Jarobin points out that one of the advantages to Instagram video is that it is already tied into Facebook’s network, making the content easier to search for. After updating the Instagram application on your phone, you will be able to record and watch videos. Tap it to enter video mode, where you can take up to fifteen seconds of video through the Instagram camera.

 Video Transcription

0:13 Avinash Conda – Hey there and welcome to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV.
0:15 This is your new host Avinash Conda. And today for the first time we have Jarobin.
0:22 Jarobin Guerra Gilbert – Hello Avinash.
0:23 Avinash Conda – Jarobin is a SEO specialist here in house. Thanks for being in the show.
0:29 Jarobin Guerra Gilbert – Thank you for having me.
0:31 Avinash Conda – Why don’t we talk about Instagram video? Instagram video has been out for 24 hours?
0:38 Jarobin Guerra Gilbert – Just a little bit over 24 hours.
0:41 Avinash Conda – A little bit over 24 hours. So what is going on? Like whenever a new app comes up people go crazy about it. Instagram is already big.
0:49 Jarobin Guerra Gilbert – Yeah, well the thing is Instagram video has been extracted for a little while now and Instagram is one of the biggest Social Media platforms out there.
0:58 It’s integrated with Facebook which has well over like a million users. So its even bigger and its suppose to rival other video uploading service called Vine which is already released this year around February. And which is more twitter based platform than it’s for Facebook.
1:20 Avinash Conda –  So have you used video sharing instrument yet?
1:22 Jarobin Guerra Gilbert – Surely enough. The minute I heard it was out I downloaded it right away and definitely got to work with using it.
1:32 And I got to say it’s pretty cool. Being able to add filters to your video, having the option to take anything between zero to fifteen seconds it’s pretty impressive.
1:42 Avinash Conda – I heard it was somewhere between Two and fifteen seconds.
1:46 Jarobin Guerra Gilbert – Literally as soon as you hit the record button and you have the option to stop and drop, it was actually no minimum on the video.
1:55 Avinash Conda – Alright so two and fifteen seconds.  How about people taking this Instagram video?
2:00 Jarobin Guerra Gilbert – well, it’s a short of funny you should ask that. People are taking it as the Instagram video is going to be the Vine killer.
2:09 Avinash Conda – Alright. Have you used Vine before?
2:10 Jarobin Guerra Gilbert – I have and I am on it. I have got a little bit of following and I love it. Personally I think it’s actually genius.
2:20 Avinash Conda –  So Vine was previously the Instagram for video. But now Instagram comes up with a video which as you said we have been waiting for quite some time now and now it has filters.
2:36 We are still gathering data about how people are taking it, the reviews, the feedback. We will come up with a detail blog post about Instagram video, Vine vs. Instagram video. So what do you think might be the advantage of Instagram video?
2:54 Jarobin Guerra Gilbert – The thing about Instagram video is that it’s already tied into Facebook’s network. So it’s easy to search for and plays a lot better especially over mobile apps Instagram Facebook.
3:06 Not to mention also in fact that people don’t necessary have to go out and build themselves a new network which can be tough sometimes.
3:15 A network from the Instagram that you already have over it translates to the video channels.
3:20 Avinash Conda – That’s one really great advantage. But I think Vine is tied up with twitter right?
3:25 Jarobin Guerra Gilbert – Vine is tied with twitter. And the limit it has is six seconds.
3:30 Avinash Conda – So it’s almost half; less than half. Instagram is fifteen seconds while Vine is six seconds.
3:35 Jarobin Guerra Gilbert – Exactly. Maximum is fifteen seconds and there is minimum of three on run.
3:45 Avinash Conda – That’s quite a bit of difference. So let’s gather more data over the next one week, we will be gathering more data and more insights.
3:55 The advantages and disadvantages of Instagram over Vine or Vine over Instagram video. We will have a detail blog posted.
4:04 Avinash Conda – Thanks a lot for being on the show Jarobin. That was some great news and information. Thanks for watching. Wherever you are watching whenever you are watching it. Catch you on the next episode. Let’s GO.