PUBLISHED: Mar 1, 2010 4 min read

Increase Twitter Follower Count in 4 Valuable Simple Ways

No matter what you find yourself on twitter for, many people wind up getting obsessed about their following count. In spite of the overwhelming amount of information available on the Internet about “how to increase your follower count on twitter”, very few accounts actually have a four digit , much less five  or six digit follower count. Now the big trap is to get caught up in the follower account because many of these high follower profiles wind up having low valuable followers.


Twitter should be a fun place to play and obsessing about your follower count can be very unhealthy, but that being said I think it would be prudent to provide a few tips on increasing your followers while staying “legitimate” and not spamming accounts like too many people often do.

Increase Twitter Follower Count to Get Valuable Real Followers: 4 Top Ways

Teach something: People are increasingly drawn to learning things from others. If you know any one thing well enough to talk about it, you should. Take to teaching on Twitter and see your follower count rising. Of course, it would mean that you dedicate some time to sharing some great information on twitter and you could learn how to do just that by following some Top Twitter users ( or power users) and pay attention to how they use Twitter.  The key here is not to become an expert in everything that is popular, just be focused on something well.

They won’t follow you if they don’t know you: Leaving your twitter account empty or half-filled will get you a follower count which leaves me nothing to write home about. Complete your bio and add as much information as possible. Further, don’t fill out the information like you have on your resume. Twitter isn’t a recruitment service (although, it could be construed as one); it’s a social media platform. If there is one thing that stands out from the next Twitter account is your personality that blazes through your profile. Avoid using Jargon, make it easy for others to know you and understand what you do.  Add your personality to your profile as well.  It does not have to be all business.

Give before you ask: A classic tip for success has always been that you should be willing to give away valuable stuff in any form – be it information, trials, ebooks, reports, tips and trivia, little known facts, whatever. Perhaps, you are content with just re-tweeting others’ tweets relentlessly? Just keep giving stuff away for a long time to come and don’t even expect anything in return. Eventually, you will realize that you are being followed.

Let pictures speak: It has been noticed that pictures tend to be re-tweeted more often than anything else. Pictures truly speak a lot more than the 140 characters that you are allowed on Twitter. Use your mobile devices , camera, etc for taking pictures on the go and share it with your followers.  Share with Twitter is now an almost standard option on most recent PDA software downloads.

Be careful not to obsess, having a few hundred loyal followers based on real information is much more valuable then falling into the traps of obsession will aggressive spammy techniques that are so often shared by the 6 digit home office twitter user.  Personally, I wonder what some of these people actually do all day.

What other methods based on real value have you used for gaining followers on twitter?

Michael Coppola is Founder & CEO at Amsive Digital, a NYC-based Search Engine & Social Media marketing firm.