PUBLISHED: Aug 27, 2010 6 min read

How to Market Yourself via Facebook Status Updates

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

Does it matter what you say on your updates?

AmsiveDigital TV Episode 14,  Watch this video as my guest Larry Sharpe discusses his successes writing effective and memorable status updates.

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 Ruben Quinones: Welcome back to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV. By the way everybody does that you are not ready.

Larry Sharpe:  I am ready always.

Ruben Quinones: Ok you were. You are looking at something right down there.

Larry Sharpe: Still ready.

Ruben Quinones: That was my faultier. Larry Sharpe my guest who you know again I never really knows how to introduce you. You are the sage you teach people how to monitor themselves.

Larry Sharpe: Yes I monitor on how self important and give it to people.

Ruben Quinones: Guest instructor at Columbia.

Larry Sharpe:  Columbia graduate school of business, FIT and Quinn. Absolutely, teaching the people.

Ruben Quinones: What I do? I want to talk today about because I have a lot of face book friends. But lot of face book fiends nowadays someone about I do and see that you put up a last concept dates and they grab people’s attention. I think I will be value to my audience to show and I will Fan page administration but you can definitely be marketing just for your own personal audience.

Larry Sharpe: Sure.

Ruben Quinones: Where do you get these ideas from and maybe I can put some of them below and you come up with some very repetitive questions and lot of people responding, dedicated audience haven’t  got that but  lot of people are commenting, where did they get from?

Larry Sharpe: I will tell you new people come on and someone will strike somebody and even if people are leaving a comment and meet people and they say I remember post you did it was a great one. There are times you get 20 different comments on one thing almost. I post often, I post about and see that often I post two or three times a day every day and I do the way you told me to use.

Ruben Quinones: Yes that is way hoot suite.

Larry Sharpe: It is and I use that to most of the time I pre program most messages least twitters in desk. Sometimes a —– I feel them. But I have some rules in person. The first one is face book is not just a business tool it’s personal tool and I post things about my personal life. My daughter, my problems, my joys and when I am out with other people, friends and I don’t post things that I am doing. In addition I post lot quotes. I pick quotes from people I respect or things that make sense to me. I talk about concepts often it is about power or influence or politics things of that sort of people yes I can or no I don’t do it. I am a controversial guy so I don’t mind if you say I am wrong. I throw this and say no that’s wrong I am ok with that and I will come back.

Ruben Quinones: But let’s put this right I can come up with ideas you have put up on and this is not for everybody. It is just fine to do that

Larry Sharpe: It can’t be because I am a philosopher who I am and so I came up with philosophy so thermal philosophy, I also piece on tester heatness that heat questions because I like heat also. I also like star tracking, star watchers like that and doctor who so I put that stuff upto. They might say why did you do that? There may be some people who don’t care about that doctor who or who is the doctor doesn’t matter I am showing it who I am and I find people who do like it and they will respond. People don’t like it they will least know who I am.

Ruben Quinones: So how is this valuable? How is that valuable to your business?

Larry Sharpe: In singly reliable for two important reasons. The first one is as I ask open ended question which is loss for me. I ask questions about life, what is more important, who is more important to you, Is this right or wrong I ask open ended questions which make people to talk. Because I learn about my audience so I have inner people giving and taking my face book page inner area about fifty nine

Ruben Quinones: It is not a Fan page it’s more a personal profile.

Larry Sharpe: It’s with me it’s my personal profile

Ruben Quinones: Let’s say you are not a developer or I mean actually you are a great marketer offline

Larry Sharpe: Thank you

Ruben Quinones: You are just leveraging it with face book and so you are an average person on face book that anybody can do

Larry Sharpe: I meet people and get them to my LINKEDIN friend and then my face book friend. I meet them first and then I make them happy and what I am doing is ——. The ideas I get on the things that add to me, I put them up and I love cooks and I find some cooks from books like that.

Ruben Quinones: Stop that there we are going to continue that in second episode but look quickly you have an event coming up on marketing yourself and tell something about that and will put it down here.

Larry Sharpe:   Yes absolutely! It is you based sales course it is 9 weeks and three hours every Tuesday night from 5:30 to 8:30 which includes work book, role plays, one on one, how to prospect better, pitch better and close better that is this about.

Ruben Quinones: We can find that on your website.

Larry Sharpe: starts September 14th.

Ruben Quinones: Very nice alright! You all have a very Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good evening whenever you are watching this, see you next time take care.