PUBLISHED: Jun 14, 2010 5 min read

How Much is BP Spending Online?

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

BP is reportedly spending 50 million dollars on a recent P.R. campaign and have recently started buying ads on search engines, I give you my estimate of how much I think they are spending in this video.





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Ruben Quinones:  Hey there! Welcome to episode 2 of AmsiveDigital TV. I wanted to talk about something    that I have heard about last week  on CNN  is through the three sixteenths reported that BP Maroline was   spending  fifteen million dollars on  an ad campaign you know to manage their reputation and put out  these commercials but that they were also spending money online  specifically with pay per click  ads and just  a kind of differentiate  and  if you don’t know the difference since the sponsored  links  at the top and  on the right  hand side of your search  results page and on the left hand side below sponsored links and below any map listings if  you get that is your organic or they what they call natural rankings.

So there was a guess of how much they are spending  and I think that the estimate was  believe it was ten thousand a month if I am hearing  correctly which I thought was actually high at the moment but I wasn’t thinking of  all the potential key terms that you could use. So what I decided to do was actually do a little bit of research and going to couple of search engines get some estimates and do couple of searches and see where they were coming up and come up with some of my own guestimate of where they were at.

 I also heard of another blog and they were spending a million dollars which I thought probably way too high unless they were doing some other online marketing campaigns outside of sponsored links. So, this is what I did: I took a couple of search terms and I typed in  go for all the all you come up together all you come up for the all your  disaster, all your  news, all your slick, all your spell  they  do not come up  a hundred percent  at a time but they still  come up for oil as a key term and that can really spend you a lot of money as a matter fact it probably spend ten thousand dollars a day at about a dollar a click per  visitor to their web page but they weren’t on a  100% of their  time so which makes it even more of a guess, so I am goanna guess that they were spending based on putting those search terms together looking at the most prior history of what those  key words were generating on a  cost per click  basis and I actually think the average  is really between that figure it’s not as much million and it’s not less than a ten thousand, It’s actually I think it is between three to five hundred thousand — if I had to really guess — it is lot about the factors it could be lot about the search terms they could be coming up with , they could be changing it everyday and one thing that is  a variable that we can come up until  next month  is how much these search terms are actually going to cost as I would imagine that the bids are being driven up because not only  BP is buying those links but some other PR companies other websites are popping up to capitalize on the opportunity get their message across.

So, it’s not just BP so that’ going to drive up the costs of the actual search terms on Google, yahoo and MSN which is big. So, it’s interesting to know my guestimate is actually really last month’s term which is pretty much for anybody would be able to look up so that actually will go up higher so may be ten million dollar number might be the case for real search time numbers but I am goanna stick to on half a million as my guess from I can see which is a small drop in the bucket compared to fifteen million dollars. Of course, they might be doing such campaigns and then some of the things that might be implemented so I am sure they have money but what is big picture here in what is really accounting here is is of course what is happening down there for the lives of people that depended it on the goal. I wish him my best and I hope truly that BP as much as they put their money into their PR they will take care of those individuals down there and hopefully clean up this mess whenever it finishes so there we go that’s my guestimate and I will see you next time I am goanna actually have my first guest so don’t miss it.

 I am going to talk about Foursquare. What is four square? Why should you be on it, should you care. That will be my next episode.  So if you have any recommendations as such topics let me know and is multiple ways you can actually let me know you can add a comment on any of the video sharing sites, you can comment on the fan page which is now the light page, you can also tweet us and send us a contact from your website which is Until next time have a great morning, afternoon or evening whenever you are watching this and I will see you next time. Take care.