PUBLISHED: Jul 23, 2010 5 min read

How Media Relations Has Changed

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

AmsiveDigital TV Episode 9  Part 1

Join my guest Bryan R Adams and I as we discuss how media relations has changed over the last decade or so.  Although the internet is less than two decades old for the mainstream, it has made a big impact in the media relations industry.  Before “New Media” there were more phone conversations, relationship and client development in person.  Media relation professionals were the gatekeeper of their clients and the media, but the advent of the email, blogging, social sites has changed the landscape.  Watch on!


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Ruben Quinones:  Welcome to AmsiveDigital TV I am your host Ruben Quinones you were already ready for that.  You want to come back.

Bryan R Adams:  Yes I want.

Ruben Quinones:   And that’s ok it is casual.

Bryan R Adams:  Very casual I was looking into a nice Analytical program you guys have.

Ruben Quinones:  The analytics that’s right.

Bryan R Adams:  It’s very good.

Ruben Quinones:  These fellows don’t know who we are, were search marketing from here they do paper search, page search and social media little plug. So we will talk about Media relations today and your publishers, want to talk about I guess and how much it has changed over what would you say  a last ten, fifteen when did this start and talk about what  you do and then  what transition into and how it changed?

Bryan R Adams:  Well, I started in the business and publicity as I was assistant in the music institute.  I was an assistant Administrative assistant artimenia fetch coffee as it called at Red label in 1990 and made my way out to Julie publishers oops Julie publishers.

Ruben Quinones:  We were first long from AmsiveDigital TV and I need to get her number yet. Should be integrator.

Bryan R Adams:  No it’s a Black Berry Messenger.

Ruben Quinones:  It is a beeper.

Bryan R Adams:   It’s a Black Berry messenger.

Ruben Quinones:    Okay don’t make sure, it sounds like a beeper to me but.

Bryan R Adams: Sorry! So Julie publishers to Manager Media relations and then I left moved to another label as a head of publicity there and at of 1996 I started my own company Fat communications. So that I can do publicity for more than just music institute and things have changed from 90, 95, 2000, 2005, 2010 things have changed a lot. I remember

Ruben Quinones:  Back to 90, 95 how it was?

Bryan R Adams:   Between 90 – 95 to say specially those years when I was an assistant I remember having 8X10 pictures putting Cardboard around them stuffing into envelope and then hiring a messenger to send the pictures to Rolling stone or you know the Source magazine something like that. Hold on, Sorry about that.

Ruben Quinones:   This is what about your Media clients has, so much strain for last fifteen years that his beep is going off.

Bryan R Adams: Exactly, we used to make see you have those flyers over there, we used to make tens of thousands copies of Bios. I don’t remember last time I had a copy of paper Bios which just say word document that is emailed or it’s on the site and you can send somebody a link. So the delivery of information has changed a lot and also phones were big in the 90’s. You are on the phone to Journalist  pitching , calling you know just and that was standard business practice because for years the publishers always known as the gatekeeper  for your information not so much now. You know now more nuisance then we used to be but because you are a gatekeeper journalist will have to come to you. Oh you want to interview on day or so they used to call me but now because

Ruben Quinones:  Stop right there! Because continue in part 2 let’s keep it short so that they go back to work. So have a Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and see you next time on AmsiveDigital TV and discuss how Media Relations is? Would you regret to say that words?

Bryan R Adams: The Shift?  The Shift 2002.

Ruben Quinones:  Part 2 talk in part2 I will see you next time. Wait did I say Good Morning, Good Afternoon I don’t think we are moving on with that, I feel Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good evening and I don’t know I got it from that but actually but that seems to be my sign off but whenever you are watching this have a Good day, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good evening and I will see you next time.

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