PUBLISHED: Feb 1, 2013 4 min read

Rich Snippets: Making Your Website Rich on Google

Ruben Quinones and Avinash Conda from Amsive Digital, a NYC-based Digital Marketing Agency, explore Google’s rich snippets and its SEO value. Implementing rich snippets can improve the performance of your website. Essentially it will yield a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) to your site. Secondly, rich snippets provides the user with a richer (pun intended), more visual experience.


With rich snippets, your website will receive more visibility within Google’s SERP with the use of:
1. images
2. graphics
3. review information
4. product prices
5. recipes

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Host: Ruben Quinones.
Co-Host: Avinash Conda.

0:13 Ruben Quinones – Hey there, welcome to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV. I am your host Ruben Quinones and this is Avinash Conda.
0:18 Avinash I have to apologize to you. I saw the last video and I realize I have been cutting you off. So I apologizes, I am going to not cut you off just too much.
0:37 We are talking about today. How to make yourself rich? Not exactly. Rich snippets, what are they? How is that relevant? Why does our audience need to know about these?
0:45 Avinash Conda – Well because this is a new protocol which all the search engines came up with, they syndicated, they agreed upon a protocol helping webmasters to put one single line of code, on the backhand of the site by which the search engines will serve your results in  a different way.
1:06 Like for example as of now Google categorizes within six categories. One of the categories is Recipes. So if you search for a recipe it gives you the time it takes to cook, the ratings, the number of calories.
1:14 So it’s more or less trying to give the user a better experience in search engines.
1:28 Ruben Quinones – Right., so example would be if  I am looking for recipe or something that might be have been for example, you know, how to cook or what’s the recipe for apple pie?
1:39 Avinash Conda – Yeah, when you type in apple pie it will give you a picture of an apple pie, the ratings, the reviews, the time to cook, the Calories.
1:49 This is more is, what Google is trying to do is it tries to analyze the data which the user want to see. So it’s giving the result right on the search page.
2:00 Ruben Quinones – So you are seeing pictures, so why is the business need to that?
2:05 Avinash Conda – Yeah, it’s been true that the click through rate for those results is pretty high. So it’s more or less online marketing thing and the user experience thing from the search stand point.
2:22 By doing that the results; one thing for doing you will be given little credit for that on rankings. The second thing is user experience. The people would be more inclined to click on that.
2:34 Ruben Quinones – So basically visualizing the experience if it happen to be, may be sell food right or we have content about food or what else with rich snippet besides food.
2:48 Avinash Conda – Beside food you have music. When you type in an album or an artist it will actually give you the list of his latest hits or most famous hits and the name of the song and also your Lethem songs.
3:02 Ruben Quinones – So basically it typical code you shall put on the site. And we will put a blog piece latter on. Actually in the blog when we have this video with back links that can give you more information about it.
3:17 Avinash thank you so much. Thank you for dressing up too. Because you know I keep this tout here. Have a good morning, good afternoon good evening whenever you are watching this wherever you are watching this. I will see you next time. Take Care.