PUBLISHED: Mar 7, 2013 4 min read

Merging Google Local Places with Google+ Business Pages

Ruben Quinones and Avinash Conda from NYC’s  Digital Marketing Agency, Amsive Digital, discuss the integration of the former “local places” on Google to Google+ Local Business Pages. Watch this video to learn more



What’s Google+ Business Pages all about?

Previously, local places optimization was Google places, where the proprietor would add in a description, verify their business, and put a link to the business’ website. Now, Google has moved local places into Google+ Local Business Pages. Although this process was supposed to be streamlined, as Google allowed business owners to move content from their local page over to their Google+ page, duplicate profiles are still showing up.

How can you avoid these duplicate profiles? First off, you must be the business owner of the company. Next, you’ll have to go into your Goolge+ Local page and claim that page as your own.  Lastly, make sure to create your Google+ Page with the same email address you used to create you Google local page. Sounds a little confusing, right? For a detailed step by step, check out this article how to Merge Google+ Business Page with Google+ Local. 

Are you looking to do a little more for your business than simply a Google+ local page? If you’re interested in exploring digital marketing opportunities for your company, contact a Search Marketing Professional to learn more.


Host: Ruben Quinones.
Co-Host: Avinash Conda.

0:13 Ruben QuinonesWelcome to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV. I am your host Ruben Quinones and Avinash Conda, Search strategist here and we are talking today; really in the last month or two we have noticed on Google, Google Plus having some implications.
0:29 Avinash CondaBusiness profiles one.
0:30 Ruben QuinonesI am sorry you cut me off here. Now you are doing what I do, cut me off that my thing, I cut you off.
0:37 Avinash CondaI know that.
0:38 Ruben QuinonesThe integration of Google Local Places, I don’t even know what they call it because they keep changing names, to Google plus and how that comes up in search.
0:48 What’s the latest and the features modified off?
0:51 Avinash CondaYeah, the thing is before Local pages optimization was Google Places. You go there, you verify your business, you put your back link, you put your timing and description. And that usually show up in the local results.
1:05 But over time Google has switched that to Google+ Business profile pages. What happen is that you should have a profile in Google Places that shows up as a Google+ page.
1:18 The thing is you have to go back in and claim that that place is yours. So what happening now a day is people are creating Google+ places and they are already having Google Places pages showing up as Google+.
1:33 So virtually they are two duplicate Google+ profile online and Google is trying to integrate both of those, merge both of those. But as of now it’s still….
1:42 Ruben QuinonesAnd that’s implicated for business because now that showing up for their brand name on Google search.
1:52 Avinash CondaAbsolutely.
1:53 Ruben QuinonesSo to rectify this situation, are we in limbo now or?
1:58 Avinash CondaYou know, what usually Google does is if you use the same Google account to create this profile you can actually merge them. So the suggestion would be; and there is actually a way to add manager to that page, so add email address with which you created your places profile to the Google+ business profile So that over time Google would integrate without any problem.
2:26 Ruben QuinonesAlright. We will elaborate more on the blog. But actually that is something important if you have Google places, if you have locations something that actually affects your rankings for you Brand Name.
2:38 So thank you very much Avinash. And good morning, good afternoon and good evening whenever you watching this, wherever you watching this we will see you next time.