PUBLISHED: Sep 24, 2010 5 min read

Google Goggle’s Review

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

Have you heard of Google Goggle’s?

Its actually been around since last year, and is something we wrote about earlier this year “Google Goggles, a picture is now worth a thousand words“.  In a nut shell, When you capture an image, Google scans for object-based signatures. It then is compared to its vast image database. Within seconds, it returns the results back to you.  We decided to give it a try, watch our results.

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Ruben Quinones: Hi welcome to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV. I am your host Ruben Quinones and Michael Stearne with me he has been here before. So we are in interesting show today. And I don’t mean by the guest we have.

Michael Stearne: What?

Ruben Quinones: The parts we are going to do Google Goggles wanted to give you a quick review and give you quick before we know what Google Goggles is? An application which you got me prolong, I am actually goanna post which will link to. It’s an application you can put and enjoy on any of the I phone.

Michael Stearne: No that’s I see an issue for me since I have an I phone but it is enjoyed only app. Its same Google apps or may be those phones later. But it is only enjoyed app that tries to when you take a picture of a product, book something recognizable.

Ruben Quinones: Actually it says books, landmarks, logos not good with pictures of animals ———. So I think most of these are products that are verified so we are going to give a quick session, we start with this one which is mentioned for thirsty.———-

Michael Stearne: Yeah it is hotter so this is some Honest Tea see metro beverages.

Ruben Quinones:  This will be sponsored.

Michael Stearne: So we are taking picture of the item, started focusing on it.

Ruben Quinones: Later on will right now for you. I am putting the picture down here so you can see the scanned picture as well as results. How do we save?

Michael Stearne: So in intend to these results it recognized that it was Honest Tea bottle and you know even the style or the flavor.

Ruben Quinones:  Ok.

Michael Stearne:  We do find that it seems to work well with things with text on it. So you can see the texts are conditioned. So the next object we want to try is something fairly common a MAC minicomputer. We take a picture of MAC mini.

Ruben Quinones:  And this is an Apple product so it could not be showing up in results.

Michael Stearne:  It could be biased intentionally but there is no matches.

Ruben Quinones: So open it they are not going to see anything.

Michael Stearne: Put one other thing if you again with the this is the MAC mini box.

Ruben Quinones:  The previous result was nothing about that.

Michael Stearne:  Nothing for the picture of MAC mini no results. So if I take the picture of box itself again with the text on the box it analysis and it does recognizes that it is a MAC mini box it is.

Ruben Quinones: So not the actual MAC mini but the box comes in interesting. So record that with office product is we doing this.

Michael Stearne:  So we want to try more generic office product more generic that you see around and fairly reconigeable as a stapler.

Ruben Quinones:  Pretty good.

Michael Stearne:  And if I open for brand or anything we get no matches.

Ruben Quinones:   No matches ok calculator! Office I know these are sponsored by office.

Michael Stearne:  Calculator may be you can see.

Ruben Quinones: ————————-.

Michael Stearne:  This one oh man! This one we got the results for the calculator but we didn’t get better results before. It was recognized as a calculator before next we have

Ruben Quinones: Suddenly it differs.

Michael Stearne:  I pod Nano.

Ruben Quinones: I pod so many call I pad I pod.

Michael Stearne:  Yes so since this is all about hundred many pictures of the she would think they would have getted.

Ruben Quinones: Again it is an Apple product I am expecting there is no result to come up.

Michael Stearne:  So you get no results and finally this Mike porous the CEO of AmsiveDigital interactive hand sanitizer. 

Ruben Quinones:  I doesn’t use it.

Michael Stearne:  He is not exactly monk but I guess he is better safe in side. So we take a picture of this and again we got the letter and characters on the object itself and it does recognize like that on the it

Ruben Quinones: Very nice.

Michael Stearne:  is the clean well hand sanitizer.

Ruben Quinones: Very interesting.

Michael Stearne:  So natural.

Ruben Quinones: So here we go Google Goggles reviews on network two total one, two , three

Michael Stearne:  Two out of Five.

Ruben Quinones: Two out of Five. Ok.

Michael Stearne:  It is Google apps.

Ruben Quinones:  So that’s all we review of Google Goggles thanks for tuning in have a Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening whenever you are watching this I will see you next time take care.