PUBLISHED: Oct 15, 2010 4 min read

Facebook PPC Vs. Google Adwords – Why Advertise on Facebook?

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

Is it worth it?

With all eyes on Facebook and their incredible traffic numbers, its worth looking at Facebook as another marketing vehicle, but does it replace Google?  How does it differ?  What are the expectations?  By the way, the reference to Yahoo going away speaks to Bing now powering their paid search results.  And yes, my Mic was off inadvertently, 🙂

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Ruben Quinones: Welcome to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV. I am your host Ruben Quinones and I have a guest today.  Actually he works for a company Search Director Right.

James Connell: Search Director Right.

Ruben Quinones: There most part Page search like campaigns.

James Connell: Page search yes.

Ruben Quinones: James Connell I will put it right down here page search Director oh Search Director I am sorry.  You know

James Connell: I can judge. Hi everyone.

Ruben Quinones: Want to talk about Face book PPC or Face book paid search. It’s basically the paid component paid media on Face book and you know whatever you still the end of Google Ad words for the last —– you have started already. Why Face book paid search is so appealed or advertised what is the differences actually?

James Connell: Couple of differences first let’s see first I would like to say

Ruben Quinones: By the way introduce two cups we break though last two cups

James Connell: Cheers

Ruben Quinones: You ready carry on.

James Connell: This is an offer honored to be on AmsiveDigital TV.

Ruben Quinones: Yeah yeah we are waiting for appropriate———————– go ahead.

James Connell: Well let’s go to first question why is it so appealing to advertisings? Traffic you know Face book has numerous traffic out there. Basically in optimist kind of feeling a whole new internet whole new environment and if you are tapped out of your pay search campaign on Google, MSN, Yahoo doesn’t exist anymore and we could tell Face book is the place to go.

Ruben Quinones: Right. You must distinct that so because I know that obviously reviews too and analyzing when some of the guest community where people are attending to they type in search tab you know ———- ————————-.

James Connell: Well like you are saying Face book is more tapped to the funnel you know page search is better for the midst of the bottom part of the funnel. You know there is a need there is a intent and it’s great for direct response. It’s really not god for brand, not good for direct advertising, it is not very good for creating a demand for your product.  So if you know the kind of who wants your product you can actually do Face book PPC and drive demand. You can either have them go to your page your Face book page and like your company and increase your fan base so you know you can increase in ——- or you can send them to direct response sought of websites.

Ruben Quinones: And that adds to that whatever value what I can tell all we can tell is you know basically we can advertise based on their likes and interests even competition. So we can target someone who really likes or has some interest with our competition you couldn’t do that Google hasn’t couldn’t create a way but he know who you know.  Thank you.

James Connell: I want to know the man.

Ruben Quinones: We have some optimal episodes on so many technical aspects

James Connell: One thing not to thanks it’s best to do together and the reason is Face book PPC connection gives you a huge lift to your Page search campaign. First instance statistics are stating that consumers who are exposed to your company’s social media efforts 2.8 times more likely to search on your brand terms, 50% more likely to click on your page search add and 1.7 times more likely to purchase from search.  Huge numbers big lift.

Ruben Quinones: So I mean it is possible to approach over search.

James Connell: Absolutely

Ruben Quinones: Brand words worked for last ten years but we are corporating the overall work require. Thanks a lot and I am willing you come on future episodes. Have a Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening whenever you are watching this see you next time take care.