PUBLISHED: Oct 29, 2010 4 min read

Facebook PPC – Drive traffic to Facebook Page or Web site?

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

Facebook paid media is quickly becoming a viable channel for online paid media.  So if you do start doing Facebook PPC, where should you send your traffic to?  Your site, or your facebook page?  Watch this video and we present both arguments.

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Duration of Video: 4 min.

Ruben Quinones: Oh welcome back to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV. I am your host Ruben Quinones and I have James Connell. Not Connelley I make that mistake a lot.

James Connell: Everybody does.

Ruben Quinones: Who is the if you have watched his past episode he is the Search Director here at AmsiveDigital interactive mostly pay media and we talked about last time Face book pay per click or pay media versus Google Adwords and some of the similarities and differences but we want to talk today about if we put together a program in face book which is really gaining stuff, do about likes and interests. Should you direct the traffic towards your website as you already do Google Adwords or should you do to your Face book page?

James Connell: Traffic is best for permanent accounts ——–

Ruben Quinones: Yes absolutely

James Connell: I will put it on website

Ruben Quinones: Pro website.

James Connell: and you can put it in Face book.

Ruben Quinones: So that you can start first, I can’t start first.

James Connell: ——————-

Ruben Quinones: He is waiting for that

James Connell: So many reasons for sending traffic to website first to be in control, you can control environment and this is a special case where you want some sort of response really you want some sort of region or you possibly have some approaches. It is good to control environment or term exactly you want to and what the steps are and secondly you cannot have ads where you can post or appear. So if you send to Face book tab they just clicked on your add and put that overall inside there are few other ads someone may read more than wanted

Ruben Quinones: Which is probably do we get into argument by the way pardon me for doing that for but the other scope is that basically to drive directly to control environment by the way you took that up and on the Face book page is still to stay within the community itself is that —-you can get on average I think the lady’s name is an hour and to password is hour and half in face book and internally is the average for a Face book user. So why take —— they actually probably don’t want to leave face book they probably of this is high bonded, they probably kick back that’s where they are taken out of the environment that they are used to and you get created to some of the tabs and actually features so many other tabs it’s almost like any of other website itself.

James Connell: Right.

Ruben Quinones: But as you probably know I think everybody is fair enough. The real is not micro tested which one is better there are too many numbers out there and this is all fall on you.

James Connell: ——————————to appear a “B” test and the problem doing a “B” test and I think on Face book it is not easy to track actions when you land up to the Face book tab. If you sig in to your website you don’t know exactly what they are doing what they end up doing.

Ruben Quinones: That works anyways.

James Connell: Yeah

Ruben Quinones: So we are watching this video as a You tube for now and they do introduce that you know

James Connell: I am sure ——–

Ruben Quinones: Well James thank you very much for joining us and thank you for tuning in have a Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good evening whenever you are watching this I will see you next time.

James Connell: Enjoy the music.