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Dads On Tech – Featuring Ramon B. Nuez Jr.

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

AmsiveDigital TV Episode 8

In this episode, contributing writer for the Huffington Post, Ramon B. Nuez Jr., joins me to talk about a site he launched geared at Dads looking for advice on technology –  With the concern of many parents out there, keeping an eye on technology is a crucial component of child rearing in this new digital and tech landscape.  Besides Dadsontech, you can catch Ramon at the Huffington Post, and his tech podcast New Media Brief.  Notable mention, his wife, Jessie Nuez, also writes a blog geared at first time Moms,


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Ruben Quinones: Welcome back to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV you were ready for that iterates. I have a guest today known as Roman B Nuez Jr. What is that B and Jr?

Roman B Nuez Jr: Hi guys I am junior and B is for Bolewat

Ruben Quinones: I don’t know how to introduce you by the way I am your host Ruben Quinones watched it before. You are content creator, right from the Huffington post contributor writer wait we will talk about that second and you immediately put up a broadcast and lot of stuff in the blog. But here today to talk about Dad son

Roman B Nuez Jr: Sure.

Ruben Quinones: Tell me little bit about how what was the reason for it? Why did you start it? How did you what was the reason?

Roman B Nuez Jr: So when I first started Dad son tech that the main reason why started dadson tech there is one reason I have lot of friends who got dads and lot are not Tech savvy that is ok and one reason may be they come to me and say me how will I secure my PC, Is tech information for my kids, want to buy a camera. What is tech first thing? Then they all started fruitful of having their kids be on and play on technology but certainly they need to have laptop and spend do much of time and they are worrying where the kids are looking at porn or people to whom they are speaking to them, the same thing about texting, taking pictures so that kind of stuff so and I would keep the same over and over again. So technology is not your enemy.

Ruben Quinones: Right.

Roman B Nuez Jr: Technology can be your friend you are close to your enemy but you can be a friend but what you have to do is that you have to say that obviously you are growing up. Just educate you tell that this is all bad people are going to work but there is good peoples work but you have to be intelligent enough to make a distinction. So and I was faced it and they were disturbed and I don’t want my kids to be on the laptop for too long so that’s good that is very proactive. So make sure that laptop or the PC is in a common room so let’s say living room for example. The laptop or PC is going to be there so you can watch what your kids are doing. It explains and listens from one point it is not good thing and if somebody you don’t know I start talking to you through face book, twitter whatever the case is then if you know them then don’t talk to them. So that’s the main reason why I started dadson tech. I want a place for ———- a safe place where they can ask questions about technology, ask questions about what is a safe technology, what is a bad technology and just get a good advice.

Ruben Quinones: And that tricks involved in something else where now you are doing part of reviews.

Roman B Nuez Jr: Yes.

Ruben Quinones: It is for that they did not may be actually get technology it’s still good place to go you come up with some posts.

Roman B Nuez Jr: So it is having walls it is a kind of leaned away from being just a dadson tech site more being a technology gather review site.

Ruben Quinones: Right.

Roman B Nuez Jr: Which is Ok you know there is enough for aggression, we still have a balance on the other side of site and get good information and that’s helpful for them. So yeah.

Ruben Quinones:  Pretty cool so check him out on dadson right.

Roman B Nuez Jr: .com

Ruben Quinones: I will put it out here and I shall also mention I think we shall look of your wife as well.

Roman B Nuez Jr: Sure

Ruben Quinones: Because she has a mummy blog very rich

Roman B Nuez Jr: Yes truly rich.

Ruben Quinones: It could be any Mom.

Roman B Nuez Jr: It’s any Mom what so ever but it is and it —-mother or turns anything to English and the name what she did is because she has different information as first time mother special like being a mother.

Ruben Quinones: Right.

Roman B Nuez Jr:  Try to understand you know what your body goes through what happens after birth, what happens while pregnant she has got lot of information from her mom. Her mom is 72 years or 74 so she is going to give all sort of information. You know which we can’t right this is just ridiculous. So she has ——-information anyway funny and good information. So she says taking wrong contact and there is wrong website

Ruben Quinones: So great marriage

Roman B Nuez Jr: Yeah yeah.

Ruben Quinones: Its actually hechoparamama

Roman B Nuez Jr: hechoparamam

Ruben Quinones:  I will put it down go ahead and check it out. I checked it out pretty cool. We want you next to come in on.

Roman B Nuez Jr: Perfect.

Ruben Quinones: And I know you are ready for episode you have

Roman B Nuez Jr: I am here.

Ruben Quinones: Have a Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening whenever you are watching this see you in next episode of AmsiveDigital TV Take care.

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