PUBLISHED: Nov 19, 2010 4 min read

Charity Solicitation Online

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

Are you a non-profit who solicits on the web?  Join my guest Tony Martignetti, author of  Charity Registration: State-by-State Guidelines for Compliance, and host of Non-Profit radio as we discuss the nuances of soliciting for your charity on the web.

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Duration of Video:  4 min 47 sec.

Ruben Quinones: Welcome to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV only this mike is working so we are using this phone and I am passing it back and forth. Tony Martignetti here I wanted to feature his book because he got online marketing cast and Cause marketing is actually big online and there are actually lot of nonprofits who are actually listening online. You wrote a book about actual compliance state by state why don’t you tell me little bit about and may be nonprofits can actually incorporate that and I will be at least aware of that when I see them online.

Tony Martignetti: Ok thanks

Ruben Quinones: It is very low budget, I think it would come up.

Tony Martignetti: Actually how Ruben said just in case I am recording my I Phone. I have the Fire app. So well this will least get the audio and will get nothing else and stop keep watching from.

Ruben Quinones: Ok

Tony Martignetti: My book which Ruben is going to probably issue a title but here is a promo called for the book. What Charity registration is all about is that a charity of every nonprofit has to be properly registered with state authorities before they solicit donations in any state. And there are 51 different sets of codes.  Each state has its own code and has its own rules. And now so then obvious question is what is solicitation? If I have to register to solicit what is solictation? And I think most of the audience that you know in lot of states the donate now button accepting gifts online in 22 states that is a solicitation. So before your donate button goes live you are supposed to be registered on all those states where the existence of donate now button is a solicitation.

Ruben Quinones: I am going to add to that because it is about donate now button it is all of Face book, Fan pages that have tabs dedicated to that has actual if it is a nonprofit fan page you can donate directly from there. You can actually put a forum on the face book page that is becoming just more popular not just websites actually but Social Media as well.

Tony Martignetti: Yes that is true. It is the solicitation if it is online soliciting then you need to —– during states where sitting online ———-. And just follow up on you said it doesn’t matter whether somebody actually donates through clicks through the face book fan page and goes to donate. It is not donations that trigger the registration economy. The solicitation going out that’s where you have to register so you may never get a click and donate now through face book or directly through your web page it doesn’t matter the acceptance of gifts online that’s the solicitation and that’s the solicitation economy rise. And my book is about how to register in all the 50 different states.

Ruben Quinones: That is a clear —I did not know that so just by having a property regarding any donations

Tony Martignetti: That’s right you don’t have to get donations it is just

Ruben Quinones: It is cracking me up there.

Tony Martignetti: ————– I am a busy guy ok I am just joking. Take the mike.

Ruben Quinones: Tony thank you so much I am actually you see have a link on your websites.

Tony Martignetti: Yes

Ruben Quinones: I am going to include a link on the blog and if you are video share then click on the top link to Amsive Digital blog and actually see his link and actually take a look at basically state by state and how to comply charity registration. Thank you so much Tony would appreciate you would be in AmsiveDigital TV and

charity-registrationTony Martignetti: I just want to say thank you for having me.

Ruben Quinones: Yes you can.