PUBLISHED: Mar 23, 2012 3 min read

Are You Over Optimizing Your Site?

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

Matt Cutts from Google, hinted at a recent conference panel which included Bing, that Google will be rolling out an update to their ranking factors that penalize sites that are “over optimizing”.  In this video, Avinash Conda joins me in a discussion about some of the factors that may be affected with this new update.


Host: Ruben Quinones.
Co-Host: Avinash Conda.

0:09 Ruben QuinonesWelcome to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV. I am your host Ruben Quinones. I have Avinash Conda here again and I am wearing jacket this time.
0:18 So what are we talking about this week. First of all, it says who is the Boss or the Boss.
0:32 Alright, over optimization. What is that? How did they come across?
0:40 Go ahead. Someone shining something that in my face, go ahead.
0:44 Avinash CondaWell, Google recently announced that they are going to penalized sites which are overly optimized.
0:50 Ruben QuinonesThat was a mistake right. Kind of mention it, kind of hit it.
0:53 Avinash CondaWell the thing is it’s that Google usually doesn’t announce any of their algorithm changes before they do it. But this time it’s, you know, it’s pretty big.
1:05 I mean it’s one of the biggest in the history of Google search so they actually announce it saying they are actually going to have some major changes.
1:12 And they are going to penalized some sites which are overly optimizing. That’s the word they used.
1:18 Ruben QuinonesAnd what do you think of what you have seen. The articles that are floating around, what’s the example of over optimizing because it doesn’t really sound right like over optimized.
1:31 Avinash CondaOver optimizing “Rubin Quinones is the search engine optimization guy at AmsiveDigital TV which does search engines optimization in New York.” so that’s over optimizing. I am putting keyword again and again and again.
1:45 It’s stuffing keyword and content. You know stuffing keyword in title, metadata. Using keywords that are unnecessary in the website like header, footer, H1 tags, that’s called over optimization.
1:57 Ruben QuinonesSo it like metadata, putting too much stuff but even in the visible copy that the headlines. Over doing it, any other thing.
2:06 Avinash CondaAny other thing; well those are the only places where you can directly abuse keywords on site. That’s the content, H1, h2 tags, titles, metadata, and footers.
2:20 Ruben QuinonesSo from what we know those are some examples of over optimization. So these are thing you want to consider if you are currently optimizing your website. If you have in past and you feel like you aggressively done it then that is something to know.
2:25 And this is going to roll out I guess in the next month, so very cool. So thanks for coming once again. And you have a good week. Have a good morning, good after noon, good evening whenever you are watching this I will see you next time. Take Care.