PUBLISHED: Aug 6, 2019 3 min read

2019 US Search Awards Nominate Amsive Digital for Best FMCG and SEO Campaign and Best Large SEO Agency

Recently, US Search Awards 2019 nominated Amsive Digital for Best FMCG campaign, Best SEO campaign, Best Young Search Marketer of the Year, and Best Large SEO Agency! While we were honored — and, frankly, downright jubilant — by these nominations, we thought it would be pertinent to offer some context of why we were nominated for these awards. We weren’t nominated for no reason; smart, dedicated people who worked hard for these various campaigns were recognized by the US Search Awards.

Best FMCG and SEO Campaign

Our e-commerce client came to us because they needed to boost their brand visibility and reverse the trend of poor on-site e-commerce performance, considering most of their sales were through Amazon or brick-and-mortar retailers. 

Our SEO team provided a strategy that launched new subcategory pages of products that integrated significant search volume keywords that increased our client’s rankings. Then, we created informational content that lifted the trustworthiness of their content, following E-A-T guidelines and meshing the content with their brand voice. Additionally, their new site that integrated the new content needed to be optimized for speed and UX performance, which our SEO and web teams collaborated on. With updated Amazon-specific SEO strategies, AMP Product pages, Schema markup, and by optimizing our GMB listing, we drove substantial performance increases for our client. 

Best Young Search Marketer of the Year

Joe Woll, an Associate Strategist on our SEO team, was nominated for Best Young Search Marketer of the Year by the US Search Awards. Ever since he was an intern at Amsive Digital, Joe has shown incredible qualities that build upon our strong SEO team. Now, he is an incredible leader on some of our largest accounts, including one of our biggest and most advanced SEO campaigns. We’re ecstatic that Joe has gotten the recognition that we have always known he deserves. 

Best Large SEO Agency 

While we may not have a theatrical presence, our superpowered, Avengers-like SEO team has blockbuster SEO capabilities, each member bringing his or her expertise and creativity to all our clients. SourceLink acquired Amsive Digital in early 2019 largely due to our SEO successes. Additionally, we are seen as thought-leaders in the SEO world as Sarah Gray and Lily Ray, the SEO team leaders, speak at conferences such as SMX, C3, BrightonSEO, and more. Authority on mobile-first indexing, E-A-T principles, pagination, crawl budget optimization, voice search, and Amazon SEO puts our agency top-of-mind for companies looking for SEO solutions. 

All of that is to say that we wouldn’t be where we are without the people who comprise our SEO Team. The reason why our successes are being highlighted by the 2019 US Search Awards is because of the talent we’ve accrued and their hard work. 

Our SEO team includes:

Sarah Gray, Group Director of SEO & Digital Content

Lily Ray, SEO Director

Paul VanHevel, SEO Strategist

Lauren Welles, SEO Strategist 

Romain Damery, Technical SEO Lead

Emil Mequita, Associate Strategist, SEO 

Joe Woll, Associate Strategist, SEO

Logan Compton, Senior Specialist, SEO

Alec Cole, Senior Specialist, SEO

Ian Pfister, Specialist, SEO

Giovanni “Gio” Peguero, Specialist, SEO

Chase Porter, Analyst, SEO

Bambi Frazier, Analyst, SEO & Content

Thank you, again, to US Search Awards for the nominations. We are proud of our SEO team and their continued success! If you’re looking for SEO strategies, reach out to us and let’s talk about how we can work together.