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Top Ten Foursquare Campaigns

Last week, Ruben and our VP of Development gave you an informative (and fun!) Introduction to Foursquare. Today, we’re giving you the top ten campaigns we’ve seen yet on the Foursquare platform.

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10. Pepsi

In December 2009, Pepsi was Foursquare’s first sponsor ever. What did they do? They sponsored Foursquare’s NYC leaderboard and turned points into dollars. For one week, Pepsi donated $0.04 to CampInteractive, a non-profit organization that helps inner-city youth build technology skills. It was purely altruistic and helped out – not only a good cause – but put Foursquare in line for future sponsorship opportunities.

9. History Channel

In April 2010, the History Channel launched a campaign that had users checking in around various U.S. cities to find historical tidbits about their location and be able to unlock the limited edition History Channel badge. The campaign was set to bring attention to its new program “America, The Story of Us.”

8.  Lucky Magazine

During the Fall 2010 NY Fashion week, Conde Nast’s Lucky Magazine teamed up with Foursquare to help inform event-goers of all the best local places for certain activities, such as sales, parties, and the like. The goal was to turn Lucky into an authority of all things Fashion week, and the results show that it seems to have worked.

7. The Wall Street Journal

The Journal’s partnership with Foursquare introduced three new badges to the platform – each badge  with their own separate New York challenge. For example, the Urban Adventurer tasks users to check-in to each of the five New York boroughs. The Bank Badge requires three check-ins in the financial district, and the Lunch Box badge can be unlocked by checking-in twice at Journal-reviewed restaurants. In the past several months, The Wall Street Journal even broke news on the platform.

6. Tasti-D-Lite

Tasti-D-Lite currently has a great incentive to drive returning customers! For some time, Tasti-D-Lite stores have had what they call TreatCards, which double as gift cards, and add points for purchase. With Foursquare, Tasti-D-Lite added a new spin. If a customer also updates their Twitter and Foursquare accounts each time the card is swiped, extra points are earned. We also give Tasti-D-Lite props for seamless integration into user experience: once you register your TreatCard on the MyTasti, you can optionally enable your Twitter and Foursquare accounts to update automatically.

5. Bravo

Bravo’s partnership with Foursquare awards its users with Bravo-themed badges when they visit over 500 locations associated with the network. All the restaurants, hair salons, and designers were featured on its programming on shows like The Real Housewives, Sheer Genius, and Top Chef. What’s next for this partnership? Rumor has it that a sweepstakes is in the planning stages.

4. Planet Hollywood

Wouldn’t it be cool to see your name in lights in Las Vegas? Well, if you check into the Miracle Mile Shops attached to the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas, you can. The hotel created an outdoor ad that entices users to check-in and even spotlights whoever is the current mayor who can provide tips for other users.  Updated automatically, and without Planet Hollywood having to exert too much effort – this is a splashy gamble that is paying out serious jackpot.

3. Zagat

Before you check in to a restaurant, restaurant guide publisher Zagat enables Foursquare users to access its reviews, and provide their own suggestions. Of course, just like there is with anything else, there is a badge associated with it all. Zagat released the coveted “Foodie” badge that is earned when a Foursquare user checks into a Zagat-rated restaurant.

2.  MTV/ VH1

When MTV & VH1 joined forces to be the first to launch the “Celebrity Mode” on Foursquare, it attempted to upgrade Foursquare’s celebrity functions by incorporating a new feature allowing users to follow people without a reciprocal friendship, much like Twitter. This feature is only available to celebrities, and while the celebrities don’t post where they are during private moments, they now do check-ins at certain public appearances. Now MTV has yet another platform to draw crowds for “Jersey Shore” and “The Hills” appearances.

1. Starbucks

It’s been discussed so much within the past few months, but this partnership really is as groundbreaking as the tech blogosphere says. Starbucks is the first Foursquare partnership to offer location-based discounts – partnering with Foursquare to give mayors of each Starbucks location $1 off a frappuccino. This is achieved through a a notification upon achieving mayorship that you show the barista on your next visit to unlock your savings. Starbucks’ tangible reward for brand loyalty is likely to set an example for other franchisees.

Whatever your thoughts on are the location-based apps, it’s obvious that location-based social networks are platforms brands cannot afford to ignore. Thinking about breaking into the location-based market? Follow the examples above. Be a mix of creative and brand-appropriate, and you’ll come up with a means for your customers to further enjoy Foursquare.


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