PUBLISHED: Jun 25, 2010 5 min read

Introduction to Foursquare, Part 2

Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones

Senior Vice President, Sales

Intro to Foursquare Part 2

In this episode, guest Michael Stearne and Ruben continue to discuss foursquare, foursquare badges, and competitive geo-location based services

Amsive Digital TV Episode 4

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 Ruben Quinones: Hey there! Welcome back it is quick for us but it is quite too. Welcome back to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV and if you remember on the last episode we talked about Foursquare. What it was, some of the benefits of it and you were going into the rivalry of it. Why don’t you talk a little bit of that and talk about performance you were and continue on that.

Michael Stearne: So lot of you hear about when analysts talk about Foursquare and where it is going in terms of business. They talk about you know that we have that will send us to visit their stores and getting some kind of discount but it really comes down to I believe that we call as game aspect to there are 3 or 4—– use Foursquare or play Foursquare and here

Ruben Quinones: At our office.

Michael Stearne: Yeah at AmsiveDigital interactive office

Ruben Quinones: Right.

Michael Stearne: It really just becomes a competition between people there is no incentive for using terms of until we get discounts or anything but we

Ruben Quinones: The gaming aspects

Michael Stearne: The game aspect having the tight of mayor.

Ruben Quinones: And there is a badges and different badges you can get. Besides being a mayor which is the most check ins within last two months I think I have got some of those badges. I think you have lot of badges.

Michael Stearne: I do have some badges. I don’t have one badge that Ruben has because if your friends get the notifications on where he is I think he goes

Ruben Quinones: I think I know them please go ahead

Michael Stearne: I think he goes to Starbucks like 4 – 5 times a day. So he has a Starbucks badge and Starbucks badge is probably something that Dennis Dean did initially

Ruben Quinones: The fore fathers of Four square.

Michael Stearne: Initially they did because they knew the Starbucks badge and it was a funny kind of badge. So if you visit more than 5 Starbucks you trended for Starbucks.

Ruben Quinones: yeah I believe it is 5 different locations which is actually hard to be within in the city. If you go you get the Bolesto badge it is called. Another badge that we did was Four square party and which is called the sworn badge where 50 people check in at the same time so that was pretty interesting all-over we were supposed to be there. It’s so enjoyed the party that we need tag from a blog and we found about it and probably once we showed up at this office.

Michael Stearne: Outside of the office.

Ruben Quinones: Outside of the actual queries of the office. But they were grateful to us though thank you so much for 360 hike. Any other interesting badges. Look at him you actually you know what for more badges I actually wrote a post and I will put a link on the blog. So, you can actually go on to the blog and if you need definition of different badges you can go there but besides Four square it is not the only location based service where as some of the guys out there might bring Four square competition.

Michael Stearne: Well initially there was a competitor called Gualla and Gualla is still doing well. Rather people say that Four square is in east coast and Gualla is in west coast in every news. Possibly because Four square was starting new, actually Gualla is on west coast but they have really missed the contract the loss of my town yeah my town.

Ruben Quinones: Yeah go ahead.

Michael Stearne: They really plays on the gaming aspect that were you can actually there is not, so you can not only be the mayor of the place but you can own the place. You can buy or sell so there is lot of versatile gaming in that and you can collect rent from other people who visit your place or check-in to your place.         

Ruben Quinones: He is just telling you guys that you can join us and collect rent from him and he is making that easy so you can understand him.

Michael Stearne: But what’s wrong six months ago and again why not I found earning around six months from now I may have double the amount of users for Four square.

Ruben Quinones: It’s good!

Michael Stearne: Which is very interesting because where Four square gets lot of requests and everything. My times will be very much——–.

Ruben Quinones: I think it is because of the brains that are signed up to the Four square and they buzz around. You say Starbucks and the Bravo TV, you know Times I think they may have done something. We got couple of brains to work with that and forum dispatch which sharpens here that they are another forum sites which actually have more as far as subscribers then its service. So we are done here we will keep it short. So next time thank you Michael Stearne for my guest I appreciate it and I am sure you will be back again since you run this office and that is for you all folks you can comment on mulyiple video sharing sites you can comment there Facebook, fan page which at Add you all have a Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening — whenever you are watching this and I will see you next time take care.