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PUBLISHED: Jun 18, 2020 4 min read

Advertising in Facebook ‘Stories’: The How and Why

Bambi Frazier

Bambi Frazier

Sr. Product Lead, Local SEO

If you have social media, then there’s no doubt that you’ve delved into the ‘Stories’ feature on Facebook and Instagram – better known as Instagram ‘Stories’ and Facebook ‘Stories.’  And while you’re busy swiping and scrolling, you’ve most definitely seen those tailored ads. So, what are these features, and what is the real opportunity for advertisers?   

Give it a quick Google, and you’ll find Facebook Stories described as “short photos or videos that can be uploaded to the user’s Facebook page apart from the main Facebook feed on one’s profile.” Just like on Instagram Stories, the idea of Facebook’s version is to share short ‘bursts’ of your day. It has proven hugely successful thus far, making it a huge opportunity for advertisers.   

Stats on Stories 

These relatively new features have grown at a record pace, with 1 billion Stories being shared every day. Advertisers are capitalizing on the popularity of these features as they implement a cross channel marketing strategy, adding 2 billion ads being placed directly into user’s feeds.   

Recent stats show that 500 million accounts on Instagram use Stories daily, and 300 million daily active users are utilizing Facebook’s Stories and messenger. Other apps, like WhatsApp and Twitter, have their own Stories like features as well.  

The Opportunity for Advertisers 

Because Stories allow the user to move with speed, advertisers must keep that in mind. A great ad slipped into this platform must have creative, quick cuts in the very first frame with sound (which can be music, or a voice, or both).  

What shouldn’t advertisers do?  Avoid the ever-distracting elements, like stickers. 

  • 87% chance of static creative without stickers will perform better than static creative with​ stickers 
  • 83% chance of video creative with stickers expected perform better​ 

In short, when used well and thoughtfully, stickers can draw attention and portray a relatable feeling​. 

So how do you get started? Begin with your brand. Put it front and center in your ad. Next, think about how you’ll present what it is you’ll want to sell, but be creative about it by using people – yes – people to help with that effort. Here’s why:  

  • 75% chance of people focused creative drive better upper-funnel performance​ 
  • 73% chance of product-focused creative drive better lower-funnel performance​ 

Source: facebookIQ 

Sandwich those efforts with a great call-to-action at the end, because remember: users don’t really want to have to think about what to do next.  That’s why Stories is so successful! Help them know what to do next and make it easy with a solid CTA. It will serve your ad well because statistics show there is an 89% chance that campaigns emphasizing a CTA drove more conversions than those that didn’t​.  

Take that CTA up another notch by adding animations or that handy flashing/colored ‘swipe up’ that makes it so simple for Stories users to follow your lead. 

Will Facebook Stories Ads Add Up for You? 

There’s only one way to find out, right?  If you’re not feeling exactly confident about setting up your own ads, partner with us! Our team of social media experts here at Amsive Digital can help.

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