PUBLISHED: Oct 11, 2019 4 min read

AmsiveDigital Wins US Search Award For Best Use of Search – FMCG Campaign

Another win is in the bag! Amsive Digital’s SEO team brought home the 2019 US Search Award for Best FMCG campaign for hello products. We are honored to have our work recognized, but we must give a massive shoutout to Lily Ray, Lauren Welles, Alec Cole, Becky Miller, Chanelle Grannum, Taylor Field and everyone on the creative and development teams who made the project such a success. The challenge of increasing hello’s brand visibility and e-commerce performance required a focused, redesign and restructure endeavor—and the results were incredible. 

The Strategy

hello’s information architecture did not support the subcategories of toothpaste products that contained high search volume keywords, like “fluoride-free,” “sensitive,” and “whitening.” These keywords informed which new pages we would launch and the strategy of how they would be linked to, including the site’s main navigation. We also found that the ingredients had high search volumes, so we implemented a content strategy to establish expertise surrounding those ingredients and cross-linked across relevant products and ingredients pages. 

Trustworthiness has been top-of-mind for SEOs ever since Google unleashed its algorithm update in which non-credible, non-authoritative sites—especially Your Money, Your Life sites—saw dramatic decreases in their search performance. Given that hello is a YMYL site, it was imperative to increase its trustworthiness. We worked with hello to list their credible authors, like dentists, to write about health-related products.

Amazon is an invaluable resource for e-commerce revenue and guided our decision to implement a concurrent Amazon SEO strategy. We identified areas that could benefit from improvement, such as category structure, keyword usage in titles, bullet points, and to add more robust back-end search terms to top-selling products. Additionally, product descriptions and bullets needed updating, more keyword-heavy language, which we incorporated into our approach. To round out the Amazon portion of our actions, we provided tools and guidance for the client to give more responsive and thorough answers to customers’ questions and comments. 

Site speed and UX performance were two areas in need of improvement. That meant our teams needed to identify which pages had speed issues across hello’s top-performing pages and found that images and other resources took too long to load. We collaborated with our creative and web team to improve site speed and implemented other UX details to ease the process for a user. By improving pain points for our customers, we quadrupled the e-commerce conversion rate on mobile and increased the average order value by 20%. 

Our overall strategy was supplemented by other actions, as well. We developed and realized AMP Product pages for speedier loading pages. Proper Schema markup and a robust Google My Business listing optimized our site pages too—essentially, we pulled out all the stops to improve hello’s site performance. And, we have the metrics to witness the effectiveness of our plans. 

The Results

The site and keyword performance increased, dramatically. We leveraged our knowledge of E-A-T to build a robust push for content alongside our keyword strategy—and the results speak for themselves:

Site performance

  • 129.37% YOY increase in organic sessions
  • 24.51% YOY increase in conversion rate (among organic visitors)
  • 185.59% YOY increase in transactions (among organic visitors)
  • 248.67% YOY increase in revenue (among organic visitors)
  • 43.64%YOY increase in pages per session (among organic visitors)

Keyword Performance

  • “toothpaste kids” #1 (3,600 Search Volume)
  • “Fluoride in toothpaste” #1 (9,900 SV)
  • “Kids toothpaste with fluoride” #1 (390 SV)
  • “Sls free toothpaste” #5 (3,600 SV)
  • “Fluoride free mouthwash” #2 (590 SV)
  • “Best activated charcoal toothpaste” (590 SV)
  • “Healthy toothpaste” #2 (720 SV)

Creative Approach—Impressive Outcomes

Our combination of traditional and unique SEO techniques cemented our win as the Best FMCG SEO campaign. The keyword and content-centric SEO were the foundation of our approach, but we joined those efforts with AMP, page speed optimization, E-A-T enhancements, Amazon SEO and A/B testing. The multifaceted strategy paid off. If your site needs performance increases, reach out to us