Published: 04.23.2017



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How to Recruit Loan Officers Who Can Close Leads

One of the biggest frustrations is when we crush it with our marketing and generate a ton of qualified leads to our client but their sales team just aren’t well trained to close them!

Over the last 20 years, we’ve been training salespeople on how to close leads so rather than be frustrated with this situation I decided to leverage it to our advantage and partner with our clients to help them improve their sales teams’ performance and their closing ratio.

We’ve also brought in top-rated sales trainers like Dale Vermillion,’s preferred sales trainer, to offer his best practices, strategies, and training to our clients at no cost to our clients to help them to improve their ROIiReturn on investment (ROI) is simply the measure of what was spent on a marketing campaign compared to the sales that were a result of that marketing campaign. More simply put, for every dollar a company spends on marketing, how much money is that effort generating in sales. On a larger scale, ROI is a key metric used to not only determine success of markteing efforts, but... Read More.

Here’s a sample video we did to share some of our best tips such as…

  • Proven recruiting, hiring and training tactics and tips to help you build a peak performance team of sales closers
  • The best interview questions to identify “closers” vs. those with “the gift of gab”
  • How to leverage “mortgage specific” personality profiles to find the winners vs. the losers
  • Strategies to improve your closing ratio with current team members

We’d love your feedback so please share a comment or two if you feel the information was valuable or let us know if we missed a tactic you’ve found valuable!

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