Published: 02.24.2016




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5 Surprising Facts That Show Direct Mail Generates the Highest Return on Investment

The reality might shock you.

Direct mail generates the best inboundiInbound marketing attracts customers to your brand or service with content they are interested in rather than hitting them with an interruption of information they may or may not want. Inbound marketing helps form a connection and even aims to solve a problem a consumer already has. The goal with inbound marketing is to increase reach while engaging in quality conversation... Read More leads. We’ve explained on our blog how cost-effective direct mailiDirect mail is the act of using the postal service to deliver promotional marketing material direct to a customer based on demographic information such as age, location or income. Direct mail pieces can include postcards, catalogs and other promotional pieces enables one-on-one communication with your audience, so you can control who receives the message and when they rece... Read More is and how it allows you to interact with potential buyers or clients when their interest is at its peak. Now, let’s discuss facts. Numbers don’t lie and these five surprising details about direct mail just might shock you.

1. Consumers Trying New Businesses

Did you know that 40 percent of consumers try a new business after receiving direct mail? Forty percent. Think about it, if you receive a postcard informing you of a new restaurant in your neighborhood offering 10 percent off, odds are you’ll at least think about giving it a try the next time you go out for dinner.

2. More Potential

Over 70 percent of Americans say that they believe direct mail to be more personal than email. It’s easy to send blast emails and reach the masses but it takes a little more effort to find someone’s address and send them a direct mail piece. This is even more true when the piece is customized to that specific recipient. The more specific your offer is to the prospects’ needs, the more likely they will respond to it. This is why utilizing PURL’s (Personalized URLs) can greatly improve your ability to convert targeted prospects.

3. More Time

Consumers spend an average of 30 minutes reading their mail on any given occasion, which gives direct mail a drastic advantage over digital advertising. The average person spends less than one minute reading an email. There’s an obvious benefit to your marketing offer being present when you have the attention of your ideal prospects.

4. Unrivaled ROI

Direct mail advertising on average gives a 13 to 1 return on investment according to the Direct Marketing Association.

5. Demographic Advantages

This last fact might be the most surprising one of all – Millennials are actually the most responsive to direct mail advertising! And with Millennials entering the age where they are purchasing cars of their own and investing in their first homes, what better way to catch their attention than with a helpful and informative offer through direct mail.

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