PUBLISHED: Sep 17, 2009 2 min read

Tools I can’t live without

Updated: 10/14/2009

Over the years I’ve collected together a list of the tools I use all the time. I know there are lots of other lists like this out there, but, well, they’re not mine!!

I’m going to try to keep adding to this list on a regular basis as I find new tools, or decide to move on from others.

Linux Connectivity

NX from

One of my favorites is NX from  This is the closest I’ve come to “Remote Desktop” for the Linux machines we’re using.  I’ve tried VNC and, yeah, it works, but NX is so much smoother and nicer to work in day to day.


Ok, I’m definitely just scratching the surface of what this can do.  But just being able to get to a terminal on our Linux boxes quickly and easily – without starting a whole X session – is soooo nice!

Remote System Control


I spend half my day connecting to other systems – Windows systems, Linux systems, even our Macs.  The best tool I’ve found to manage all those connections is mRemote.  Unfortunately, development has stopped on the free version and they’ve gone commercial.  But, no worries, so far, I haven’t come up with a good reason to go for the paid version.  It supports, remote desktop (rdp), VNC, SSH, Telnet and a bunch more.  Great tool.  Now if only it could handle NX…



Ok, I know, probably everyone in the world knows about this one.  But this is sooo much better than notepad.exe, ESPECIALLY when doing cross platform development (dumb notepad doesn’t recognize ascii 10 as a valid line-feed).   There are so many other reasons to use notepad++ instead, I haven’t even scratched the surface myself.

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