PUBLISHED: Aug 14, 2012 2 min read

Real Estate Advertising

In the past few years I have become more aware of  “speciality” Advertising agencies out there. In fact we have one in our stable of companies called HOFSTETTER AND PARTNERS. They quite simply specialize in Broadway Plays and other forms of live entertainment. It is a very focused skill set. But we blend it with our strategic wisdom from other categories inside of Agency212 and the Hofstetter folks draw from that wisdom so they are not just delivering the “expected” and  sometimes boring solutions.

There are other speciality areas I am somewhat fascinated by. For example there is REAL ESTATE ADVERTISING. And there are some very nice agencies that specialize in nothing but that. The other category that has caught my attention is Publishing. Again there are a few firms that do nothing but that.

We, as an agency have many publishing accounts. They are great to work with. (It is one of the “Passion Categories” I refer to in a previous blog). And I truly believe we bring more to the table than the “Just Publishing” agencies because we spend every day looking at trends across all categories. We form strategic insights not just for the brand category but the demographics.  That leads us to WHO BUYS OUR CLIENT’S PRODUCTS and how do we find the emotional connect to him or her.

We have also been fortunate enough to be working in the Real Estate arena with a fairly new client. And I can tell you for sure that stepping outside the everyday “white noise” of (some) real estate advertising has been a challenge we relish. And it is FUN.

One last thing….if you are one of those “speciality” agencies out there…give me a call…we would love to have you join us.