PUBLISHED: Aug 7, 2013 6 min read

AmsiveDigital TV: The Death of Instagram

Tune into see Avinash Conda and Ruben Quinones talk about what they feel is the death of Instagram.


Ruben Proposes that the authenticity of Instagram is being diluted though the addition of other Instagram apps over shadowing out the classic filtered mobile upload. The appeal of a platform to see yours and others’ real time photo uploads is being lost through video uploads, picture collage apps, text over pictures etc. Ruben goes as far as to compare Instagram’s current state to a desktop version of Facebook, suggesting your Instagram feed is looking similar to that of your Facebook home news feed.

This is not to suggest that the number of users will be negatively impacted, in fact quite the contrary. After being acquired by Facebook last year for 1 billion dollars, Instagram is only getting more and more popular. Ruben says he personally prefers Twitter’s Vine Videos instead of Instagram’s because it still possesses the charming rawness of a real-time video even without the use of filters and doesn’t seem to get lost in in a sea of tweets.

“I just wish it could be preserved in a way…[sic] that you could just…it would just be isolated to the real-time photos that you could take…The cool factor of what got it there, is not there anymore”- Ruben Quinones on Instagram today.

Avinash Conda:  Hey there!  Welcome to another exciting episode of AmsiveDigital TV and I am your host Avinash Conda for the first time having the real host Reuben Quinones as a guest

Ruben Quinones: Right.  Life is all the same.  It’s the same.

Avinash Conda: It’s been better.  So, for the first time being a guest on his own show, what are you talking about?

Ruben Quinones: The death of Instagram.

Avinash Conda:  The death of Instagram?

Ruben Quinones: Right, the popular mobile shared site that Facebook acquired last year.

Avinash Conda: For 1 billion dollars.

Ruben Quinones: For 1 Billion Dollars.  So, why do I say that?  And I don’t mean that by the numbers going down.  It’s obviously going to be a big channel for them.  What I mean is the authenticity of Instagram has changed, right?

Avinash Conda: Why?

Ruben Quinones: Well, the reason why it was cool to begin with and a lot of people got on there was the ability to share photos that you take on your mobile phone and you are able to filter different types of blocks and it’s not going away, it’s what makes you cool and that’s why they acquired it but now… Have you seen your feedback lately when you go and scroll?  And we will probably put it up on screen.  It’s starting to look like the desktop version of Facebook.  Is it not?  So, you have applications for Instagram that help you add multiple photos, words and texts.  So, the authenticity of photos which is what the network was built on is kind of losing this stuff because that’s what you get as part of Facebook experience.  So, what is Instagram now other than another Facebook?  Well, they are pictures but they are not even the pictures that are authentic.  Gone are the days when you would take a picture, filter it and upload it for your friends to see.

Avinash Conda: It’s not gone but…

Ruben Quinones: It’s there but it’s now being crowded with other experiences they can get from Facebook.  So, it’s not what it used to be is what I am saying.

Avinash Conda: Yeah, true.  I get it.  That’s the point.  Fair enough.  What do you think Facebook or Instagram should do to… I mean, they cannot say you cannot post this kind of pictures there or they cannot take down the pictures…

Ruben Quinones: No, no.  I mean, you kind of create that experience and I would also say that about video as well.  Personally, I like Vine a lot better because it gets lots of sort of… and Vine really is truly from Twitter, it almost is the video coming on Twitter.  That’s another episode of course.  So, it will continue to be popular of course.  It’s just the way we use… That’s what I am saying.

Avinash Conda: Yeah, the way it was acquired for a billion dollars.  Do you think this has happened just because of the acquisition?

Ruben Quinones: No, it’s the ability to open sort people and able to build on top of a platform.  I just wish it was preserved well that you can just be isolated to the real time photos that you can take and not these other things that you bring in the mix.  So, it will probably continue to grow in numbers.  It’s just the cool factor of what got it in is not there anymore and I don’t think it’s not going to be profitable, I am not saying that.

Avinash Conda: But it’s missing that point.

Ruben Quinones: Yeah.  It is what makes me go to another… I like going to Vine on Twitter because it still has the authenticity to it, right?  That 6 seconds is the major case and it’s real time.  It’s not something that someone edited and…

Avinash Conda: True, I get it.  Great topic.  Thanks a lot.

Ruben Quinones: I am glad to be on my own show for ones, geez!

Avinash Conda: Yeah and this is the first time you are being a guest on your own show.

Ruben Quinones: I guess so and only you were able to do that.

Avinash Conda: Only I was able to do that.  Well, thanks a lot for being on the show.  Thank you for watching.  Catch you back in the next episode.

Ruben Quinones: Thank you for watching wherever you are whenever you… I forgot it… See you next time.  Take care.


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