PUBLISHED: Nov 30, 2012 2 min read

Hotels (Hospitality) Market Research

If you have read any of my other blogs you know, as an agency, we are very focused on strategic insights that take us to what we hope will be brilliant messaging. To that end we tend to “take the temperature” of the marketplace by client category from time to time. Most recently we conducted a quantitative survey with a total sample of 612 people defined as frequent travelers (ie: traveled for business or leisure on at least 5 occasions in the past year). Interestingly enough, just a few years ago you would never have combined the two types of travel (Business and Leisure) but today it is more than appropriate. For example 68.7% have traveled for BOTH leisure and Business travel. AND they are traveling for leisure almost as often as for business (67,8%report they travel for leisure once every 3 months or more). Some of this shift reflects the entrance of the young professional (22-34) into the mix. In fact the young professionals are on the road most often for work and play.AND they want to be loyal to a brand (72% of young professionals belong to a loyalty program) but would flip for the right incentives (yes, we know what that incentive should be).
In terms of amenities it should be no surprise that free internet tops the list. What’s way down on the preferred list? Turndown service and a Mobile app for the hotel. There is much more to this study including some very interesting and actionable insights. If you contact me I will be glad to send more info along. Keep in mind what I always preach about strategic insights…the definition quite simply is “THE ABILITY TO IDENTIFY WHAT IS MISSING AND BRING IT TO LIFE” And we can do that with this study.