PUBLISHED: Mar 15, 2013 2 min read

Digital Ad Agencies have nothing on Agency(212)

One very significant way the Ad Agency business is evolving is in how “Traditional” agencies are morphing with the digital side. In fact we started out before there was digital and when it appeared, the majority of clients (and agency people) looked at it as something so new and different they were certain they needed a speciality agency. And I suppose it was true. Now fade to present day and I think the “magic” is gone. In this day you, as an agency, must be truly media agnostic. I always compare our media people to ER Docs who always have to be up to date on the latest drugs (minus the drugs, of course!). Our EVP of Media is constantly meeting with digital content reps in order to stay countless steps ahead of anyone else out there. It is quite the spectacle to sit in a room with him when he is presenting to one of our digital clients. It’s like a game of “stump Evan.” NEVER HAPPENS , he always has a solution for any objective (kudos Evan!).
So my point is that there is no need for both a digital and traditional agency any longer. At least not with Agency(212). We are conversant in both and blur the lines with ease when meeting our client’s challenges.