PUBLISHED: Mar 16, 2015 3 min read

Build Your Brand’s Reputation with Trust Factors

How many times has this happened to you; you’re shopping online and search for that must-have item in your favorite search engine. After scrolling through the first few links, you stumble upon a site that has your item for $20 less than the big box store you shop at! Too good to be true? Maybe.

Does the site seem legitimate? Do you feel safe adding your personal information? Do they have an FAQ page, or a way to contact the store? I bet you had a gut feeling that this site isn’t genuine and left the site completely.

Let’s switch rolls, and now, you’re the store owner. You’re able to sell this great product for way cheaper than any competitor, but you have had zero sales. You built your site using a robust ecommerce platform like Magento, you follow all the best security practices, and still no sales. What gives?

Mr. Store Owner is lacking trust factors on his Magento store; items that make customers feel safe and secure using his site. You see countless trust factors everyday; but never give them a second glance; it’s when you don’t see them that you should be worried.

Phone Number:

Make sure your site has a visible phone number for customers to call should they have any questions. Customers want to be sure that there is a person they can talk to when they have a question; especially when shopping online. How many times did you need to contact someone about an order, but had no way to contact them?

Contact Us Page:

Okay, so maybe you are not equipped to handle customer service calls, but you can quickly answer customer service emails. Another great trust factor is having a prominent Contact Us page. Usually, most contact us or customer service pages have the information customers need most; phone number, store hours, and a way to email the store. Be sure that the link to your Contact Us page is easy to find and not buried inside another page.

Make sure your copyright year (usually in your footer) shows the current year; no one wants to shop at at store that has a 2008 copyright year, or that looks like it hasn’t been updated in equally as long.

Be sure that you keep holiday related promotions and graphics current. Customers may find it suspicious if you have Christmas banners on your homepage in May…


Above everything else, customers want to be sure that when they purchase something online, their personal information will be kept safe and secure. You can highlight this by using a solution, like McAfee, and adding the seal to your site.

Further, make sure your SSL certificate is up-to-date, and that there is no insecure content. Customers will know the site is secure by the green https and lock icon in the URL box.

Little changes like these can make a big impact on your revenue, your brand, and your reputation. Gaining customers’ trust is crucial in ecommerce; without it, your bottom line can suffer.

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