PUBLISHED: Jul 9, 2014 4 min read

2014 FIFA World Cup Breaking Records on the Pitch and on Social Media

Juntos num só ritmo (All in one rhythm)

Juntos num só ritmo
“All in one rhythm”

The World Cup is the most popular sporting event on the planet. With millions attending and billions tuned in all over the world, it’s no surprise that you may have heard a lot about what’s going on in the tournament either on the news or on the street. In the last 8 years however, there has been no better place to talk about the game than on social media.

While the World Cup itself has broken all kinds of financial and sporting records,  it continues to smash records on social media like never before.  In just a matter of weeks, this one sporting event has created some memorable records that digital media professionals and enthusiasts may want to be aware of.  Here are just some of the social media records set in the past few weeks.

1. Brazil vs Germany Breaks Social Media Records.- The semi-final match between Brazil and Germany on July 8th was a shocker. Not only did Germany set a record by scoring the most goals ever scored in the first half of a World Cup game, but the game itself brought in a record breaking 35.6 Million tweets in just 2 hours from all over the world.  Keep in mind this is even more than this year’s Super Bowl, which only brought in  24.9 Million tweets.

2. Goalkeeper Tim Howard Is Social Media’s New Hero-  With a record of 16 saves in one game, the United States’ Tim Howard was recognized as something of a national hero in just under 2 hours.  Howard’s game play managed to rack up about 1.8 million tweets,  a series of memes hashtagged #ThingsTImHowardCouldSave and one of the better Wikipedia pranks in history, even noted by Wikipedia’s founder.

3. Big Brands React to Luis Suarez’s World Cup Biting Incident-  One of the most infamous incidents during the entire tournament had to be Luiz Suarez of Uruguay biting, Italian defender Georgio Chiellini in the group stages of the tournament. The incident was widely criticized across Twitter and Facebook. Even brands like Bud Light, Snickers and Listerine chimed in on the incident and racked up more than a few thousand retweets and favorites each in the process.

4. Google Analyzes World Cup Data– Google couldn’t stay away from World Cup Fever at its offices. With about 1.1 Billion searches being conducted during the group stages of the tournament (including people searching 20x more for “Suarez bite” than things like “tick bite” or “mosquito bite”), Google set up a war room to help report on all the World Cup data coming through its search engine.

5. World Cup Is One for The Record Books–  This year’s tournament has set some serious online records. Have you ever heard of a soccer ball having its own Twitter account? Well Brazuca, the official ball for the cup does, and it has 3 million followers.  You also might not expect that when Brazil played Chile on June 28th, the game generated more than 75 million interactions on Facebook. A record in itself to say the least.

These are just a few of the many exciting moments happening during the cup so far both on the pitch as well as online. With today’s Semi-Final match starting at 4PM on July 9th, 2014, who knows what other exciting events will occur?


To keep up with the last two games on social media this week, follow the hashtag #ARGvsNED today at 4PM EST and keep your eyes peeled for who will be in the final World Cup matches on Saturday July 12th and Sunday July 13th across Twitter and Facebook.


Happy viewing and keep an eye both on the pitch and on your social media feeds!