Case Study #58

Urgent Care

Regional Urgent Care Provider Uses Online Channels To Generate 6,809 More Patient Visits

The Challenge

A regional urgent care provider in Massachusetts was frustrated by stagnant customer acquisition and a marketing budget that stifled their ability to broaden their reach and brand awareness. We built a custom-modeled acquisition audience and rolled it out in digital channels to achieve significant patient growth.


We helped the urgent care provider:


Lift over control group


New patient visits


Cost per new patient

The Solution

We looked at patient visits over the last three years and built a modeled target audience around the footprint of each urgent care clinic. We layered a digital channel strategy over that segment, to reach a large, but target audience designed for growth. .

What did we do 

We started by understanding and defining the key desired business outcomes:

  •   Increase patient visits
  •   Outperform existing marketing programs
  •   Decrease marketing cost per patient

How did we do it

We effectively grew the audience and new patient visits with these five essential steps:

  •   Created an acquisition audience lookalike modeling of patients over the last three years.
  •   Pushed this modeled acquisition audience into digital channels.
  •   Geo-targeted around the footprint of each clinic using a custom radius that covered 75% of clinic traffic.
  •   Layered a digital channel strategy with social and programmatic media that layered on both push and trigger segments on top of the modeled acquisition audience.
  •   Reached a larger audience with the push segments of the model for brand awareness; reached other prospects when they showed intent with our trigger segments leading to conversion.

Services Provided


  • Audience
  • Channel

Data & Analytics

  • Custom Model
  • Analytics
  • Measurement & Reporting


  • Social
  • Display & Digital Media