Case Study #60

Urgent Care

Machine Learning Analysis and Optimization Results in 7,076 New Patients Visits for National Urgent Care Provider

The Challenge

A leading urgent care provider with over 120 locations wanted to understand how their creative display ad rotation was a factor in securing new patient visits. They had been using typical attribution methods such as first, fractional, or the last touch KPIs used as part of most digital tracking metrics. This approach revealed itself to be flawed when increased spending for “top” performing creative did not produce a lift in visits yet in fact, decreased them.


We helped the urgent care provider:


Increase in ROMI


New patient visits


Unique prospects reached

The Solution

We addressed the creative rotation attribution challenge by deploying machine learning techniques and identified an entirely different path to conversion. As a result, the urgent care provider saw a 25% increase in ROMI.

What did we do

We started by understanding and defining the key desired business outcomes.

  •   Applied advanced attribution algorithm to six months of programmatic display logs 
  •   Ascertain which ad rotation actually generated conversions
  •   Increase patient visits and ROMI 

How did we do it

We analyzed and implemented an effective ad display strategy using five essential steps:

  •   Modified an advanced channel attribution algorithm called Markov Chain.
  •   Analyzed over six months of programmatic display logs, covering millions of display ad impressions tied to in-market signals from our data management platform.
  •   Deployed machine learning routines to rotation, including messages that covered general branding, new mover, allergy/flu/sinus, back to school and health researchers.
  •   Confirmed the actual path to conversion across the five different creative executions were in a totally different order.
  •   Shifted spend in creative rotation and allocation produced a higher ROMI and clearer picture of the new customer journey moving forward.



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  • Channel

Data & Analytics

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