Case Study #22

Financial Institutions

Top 25 Credit Union Doubles Response Rate with Omnichannel Strategy

The Challenge

A top 25 credit union needed to improve campaign performance and drive new membership and deposit account volume. Current marketing strategies were falling short of growth goals. They needed to drive more personalized consumer engagement. But they did not have the data model or the capability.


In the first six months we delivered:


Increased response rates with addition of digital ads


New deposit accounts 
within first 6 months


New loans in first 6 months


Cost for each newly 
generated account

* Industry Ave. $350

The Solution

We started by constructing an optimal audience strategy, using customized modeling, propensity scoring and predictive analytics. We developed a campaign drawing on proven response drivers and drawing on deep personalization afforded by our data expertise and audience strategy. We created a cross-channel direct mail and multifaceted digital strategy including display platforms, all structured around our audience, and where they could be found. Our measurement and reporting mechanism enabled more than campaign measurement; we tested our cross-channel campaign against a control group receiving only direct mail. The addition of digital ads had a 200% increase in response rate and the campaign generated 50% of all new checking accounts during the two-month cycle of this awarding winning campaign.

What did we do

We started by understanding and defining the desired business outcomes down to three key metrics.

  • Improved ROI
  • New Member Growth
  • Net New Deposit Growth

How we do it

We developed this campaign in five essential steps:

  • Defined the Audience Strategy
  • Developed Award-winng Campaign Creative with Personalized Messaging*
  • Created A OmniChannel Strategy
  • Executed the Campaign Across Mail and Digital Channels
  • Tested, Measured and Optimized

* Credit Union National Association (CUNA) 2020 Diamond Award Winner.

Services Provided


  • Audience
  • Channel
  • Messaging

Data & Analytics?

  • Modeling
  • Analytics
  • Measurement & Reporting


  • Print
  • Web
  • Editorial


  • Direct Mail
  • Display & Digital Media