Case Study #49


Global Mobile Phone Insurance Provider Automates Onboarding Of 40+ Million Personalized Warranty Welcome Kits

The Challenge

A global mobile phone insurance provider needed a way to efficiently update its currently manual process for sending out complex and personalized welcome kits, updates and claims. The process would need to be automated to ensure accurate on-time delivery and tracking of millions of kits that needed to be tailored for 14 different carriers and unique plans, terms and state regulations.


We helped the global mobile phone provider:


Welcome kits produced annually


On-time delivery


Unique kits daily

The Solution

We developed an automated data flow and production process the client could use to manage all its complex and personalized mail and email messaging. We optimized the workflow to check and validate data and highlight anomalies pre-production to minimize errors. We also provided templates and zones based on business rules while allowing for flexibility to customize communications. Reporting and tracking processes tracked deliveries and generated compliance documentation.

What did we do

We started by understanding and defining the key desired business outcomes.

  • Automate welcome kit production process
  • Reliable on-time delivery
  • Increase customization potential

How did we do it

We developed and implemented an automation and production strategy using five essential steps:

  • Developed automated data flow and production process enabling the client to manage complex, personalized mail and email messaging
  • Optimized workflow to check, validate and highlight data anomalies to catch errors before production.
  • Established email and print templates and zones based on configured business rules.
  • Added flexibility to allow for customized communications.
  • Built reporting and tracking to confirm delivery and produce governmental compliance documentation.

Services provided

Data & Analytics
  • Processing
  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Direct Mail
  • Email