Evolved Email Marketing Drives Results

The instantaneous nature of email lets you communicate with your engaged customers at a moment’s notice. That’s real power.


Email Powers Opportunity across the Funnel

The Art and Science of Email Effectiveness

The right mix of creative and analytical expertise matters. Effective email marketing requires both the ability to craft engaging emails and the ability to learn and optimize based on audience preferences. Our cross-departmental team uses data analysis to enhance and adapt future campaigns, all while tailoring the campaigns to customers’ and prospects’ behavior and needs, demographics and communication channel preferences.

The rapid and nearly immediate nature of email creates opportunities across the marketing funnel. It’s very effective for upper-funnel objectives including educating and entertaining. It’s also a great tool for mid-funnel tactics, like introducing new products and services. And the real power lies in its ability to drive direct sales.

Our Approach to Email Marketing

  1. Build correspondence calendars based on industry best practices and clients’ upcoming promotional activity
  2. Create emails including copy and design based on client branding and communication frameworks
  3. Build customer journey plans and workflows to drive email communications through marketing automation platforms
  4. Analyze and report on email success metrics
  5. Optimize ongoing campaigns based on report findings

Integrated Team

Driving email results requires a cross-section of integrated skill sets. Writers and designers who understand best practices for this channel work hand in hand with analytics experts to continually optimize your programs to be engaging, automated and impactful.