Amplify your response rate for solar direct mail

Amsive provides data-centric direct marketing augmented with omnichannel solutions for solar product companies of any size.


Why Amsive

Trying to drive strong marketing programs without access to large in-house analytics or creative teams? We can help. As a full-service, Top 20 CRM Agency, Amsive puts powerful campaigns in market,  processing over 650 million pieces of mail per year in our three production facilities across the U.S., with state-of-the-art printing and technology to individualize every piece.

We help you shape your strategy, select the right data, build powerful creative, and execute across all channels to  amplify your conversions solar promotions including: 

  • Identifying the right audience through analysis of your best customer
  • Handling all channel execution in-house
  • Converting prospects into buyers with creative campaigns that convert across all channels
  • Bringing data insights and reporting to the table
  • Offering complete match-back, so you know exactly whom we targeted and who converted

Solar Direct Mail Solutions

Rely on Our Solar Experience

Whether you want to reach new homeowners looking to upgrade their solar system or specific households interested in new installations of solar panels, solar direct marketing is an effective marketing solution to reach out to these customers. Get your services in front of your customers including successful clients with letters, snap pack mailers, postcards, brochures, and more.

Let us create a campaign for your next sales initiative.

New Homeowner Promotions

Reach your homeowner targets

After closing on their home loan, most homebuyers are ready to start flexing their credit power – and of course, many are ready to start making upgrades. Get access to highly-responsive solar energy prospects with our targeted mailing strategies. A direct mail piece can show you what wise investment solar is for homeowners. The best part is that we customize these targeted mailing lists based on demographic and geographic selects including age, city, annual income, county, and more.

Home Improvement Promotions

Put solar on the home improvement list

Launch a personalized, targeted campaign during the spring home improvement spree, and make your solar business stand out even more during the off-season.

Homeowners who are already considering solar will pay attention because they want answers to their questions about the benefits of going solar can offer them. Be the first to reach out to homeowners and introduce your services and products with a direct mail campaign.

Rate Comparisons

Demonstrate the savings with solar

Rate comparisons are the hottest ticket in solar. Think of the hefty amount customers can save by using solar. When customers know how much money solar can save them compared to their current utility bill rate, the responses roll in. Our solar direct marketing campaign guarantees the lowest costs thanks to our in-house capabilities and industry knowledge of direct mail strategies.

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How We Work

A road map to effective direct mail.

Audience Strategies

Chances are you have some data on your customers already. Combined with Amsive’s database platform of 250 million consumers, 400+ sources of online intent with over 70,000 data points, and credit bureau processing agency, you will understand, and reach, your best customer as an individual.

Omnichannel Strategies

Our staff are experts at determining the best ways to reach your best customers wherever they are: email, search, social media, digital media, OTT, or their mailbox. We build a unified view of the target customer’s channel preferences through data analysis, so we know how to engage and convert your best customers and your next customers.

Creative Strategies

We learn what matters from the data and create authentic campaigns and messaging that speaks to each reader or viewer as an individual. Our expert team of creatives help you connect uniquely to your audience’s needs across every channel, helping you amplify engagement.

Measured Results

Amsive’s granular analysis of your campaign will show you what consumers did on their purchasing journey, how each channel and device contributed, who converted to become your customer, and what the financial impact of your investment was. As new data come in, we continually reassess your campaigns to optimize future campaigns and amplify results.