Published: 12.09.2021


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Welcome, iFuel! Amsive Expands Key Services With Agency Acquisition

iFuel has now joined Amsive as part of our digital team of solution-focused, growth-minded performance marketers.

Amsive is thrilled to announce our acquisition of iFuel Interactive, joining our digital group, Amsive Digital.

iFuel is a leading advertising and development agency headquartered in NYC.

What does that mean for our clients?

Expanded opportunities in branding, ecomm development, and experiential marketing, just to name a few.

We’re committed to continually expanding our capabilities to deliver maximum value to our clients.

Cheers to this amazing step in that journey!

Check out a blog post from the Amsive Digital team for more on how this exciting news expands our services. If you’re interested in even more insights, we encourage you to read our press release.

Over the next few months, be sure to check back here to find out how this will help continue to optimize our client marketing capabilities and amplify even better results. Or CONTACT US TODAY.