Published: 03.21.2018




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Direct Mail: Still Relevant in the Digital Age?

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Is direct mail still relevant? This is a question many business owners are asking, and it’s a good one considering that we now live in a digital-first climate. But if the feedback we receive from our clients is any indication, marketers should not be so quick to dismiss the tangible, tried-and-true direct mail method of reaching and retaining customersiCustomer retention is the actions a company takes to maintain its current customer base and prevent them from switching to a competitor. Customer retention is widely seen as being less expensive than aquiring new customers, so it becomes an important element of a company's marketing efforts that are often focused on building a relationship and enhancing loyalty rather than... Read More; in fact, they should be open to a print-first approach instead.

How to Use Direct Mail

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “arrows in the quiver,” as it’s an age-old metaphor that is often applied to marketing tools. The more “arrows” you have, the better your chances of hitting the target. In this case, the target is your ROIiReturn on investment (ROI) is simply the measure of what was spent on a marketing campaign compared to the sales that were a result of that marketing campaign. More simply put, for every dollar a company spends on marketing, how much money is that effort generating in sales. On a larger scale, ROI is a key metric used to not only determine success of markteing efforts, but... Read More goal. You can think of direct mail and digital marketing as arrows in your quiver of outreach tools; both are necessary to implement into your marketing plan in order to have the most promising results. We recommend using direct mail as the anchor of your marketing plan, then complementing it with a digital program in order to deepen your reach.

Why Take a Print First Approach?

One key reason is the cluttering of the digital space. So many marketers have gone exclusively digital that many users now rely on adblockers to ward off all the videos, bannersiA banner ad, or digital display ad, is essentially an online billboard placed in areas of high visibility on a web site with the goal of driving traffic to the advertiser's web page -- ultimately resulting in sales. Banner ads were one of the first types of internet advertisements, dating back to 1994 according to and since then have become a leading form ... Read More, and clickbait that intrude on their daily browsing experiences. Taking a print-first approach can offset the loss of users who filter your digital ads out. Print first, complemented by digital, is the most sensible strategy for businesses that watch their ROI closely.

In our years of experience providing direct mail marketing services, we have seen verifiable proof that direct mail is still relevant in the digital marketing age – highly relevant, in fact.

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