Published: 04.26.2017




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How to Increase Your Mortgage Lead Conversion With Our Ways-to-Respond Technology

Innovative marketing strategies and campaign tactics.

With interest rates rising to over 4 percent mortgage lenders are seeing a decrease in leads and they are scrambling to find a way to increase their lead volume and call quality. Meanwhile, we’ve been building and testing one of the most creative and innovative ways to market for cash-out refi’s you’ve ever seen!

We’ve now tested and proven our new “4 Ways to Respond” and “Guaranteed 1 Percent Response Rate” system, which is ready for rollout. As a 20-year consumer direct marketingiDirect marketing is any marketing effort where a brand or company has direct communication to individual consumers and is driven by a strong call to action. Instead of relying on a magazine ad aimed at reaching a consumer, for example, direct marketing might use a targeted digital ad campaign, email newsletters or social media to reach directly to that same person. Investo... Read More veteran and after pioneering innovative marketing strategies and sending over 1 billion pieces of direct mailiDirect mail is the act of using the postal service to deliver promotional marketing material direct to a customer based on demographic information such as age, location or income. Direct mail pieces can include postcards, catalogs and other promotional pieces enables one-on-one communication with your audience, so you can control who receives the message and when they rece... Read More, I believe this is one of our best ever campaign tactics.

I’m a big believer that data is the most important part of the equation. I’m going to show you how we have built our database to provide the highest quality borrower prospects and how this new four-ways-to-respond strategy will help you connect with them and build your opt-iniOpt-in is an email marketing term meaning a customer has given their consent to receive marketing emails from a company. Marketing to customers who have opted-in, or agreed to receive communication from a company is a targeted approach to using email as a marketing tool that is considered more effective and even more ethical than sending unsolicited email messages. Some co... Read More cell phone database so you can start sending follow up mass text messages and increase your cash-out refi leads. I’m also going to show you our 1 percent guaranteed response rate system with our highly effective VA/FHA/Conv direct mail campaigns.

No other marketing company has ever done this before but you can be the first to market this cool technology and beat out your competitors while guaranteeing your response rate.

Learn how Amsive leverages data and insights to drive meaningful, measurable connections across the entire consumer journey by contacting us today.